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Exclusive: First Look At Swamp Thing's True Form

Swamp Thing must be the black sheep of Treant family reunions. With Scott Snyder at the helm, can this character finally crawl out of B-movie infamy and take his place among A-List DC Comic characters? Find out April 4th, 2012.

The Incredible Obama Action Figure

Contemporary pop-culture artist Ron English released his newest work: The Incredible Obama. Obama was once a reserved and mild-tempered President until he was accidentally exposed to a gamma bomb. Obviously this is the work of terrorists.

Top 10 Crime Comics Of The Past Twenty Years

Comics Bulletin has put together a list of the best contemporary crime comics, a genre that has seen an incredible resurgence recently. Since it's only a matter of time before all of these are ruined by questionable film adaptations, you should run out and get the books first.


Foreskin Man Comic Book

Foreskin Man is like Superman, if Lex Luthor was a mohel and not a corrupt businessman out to take over the world. In this issue, Foreskin Man can be seen fighting the evil Mr. Mutilator, who looks like he's been crafted entirely out of discarded foreskins. [Ed. Note: Did I just cross a line? Try to disagree with me on that one though. Just try. You know I'm right.]

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