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Coke Made A Drink Called Life That Is Now Dead

Coca-Cola launched Coke Life, in a green can, in 2014. But a year after BuzzFeed News reported sales were flat, it has emerged that it will be pulled from the UK.

People Try Crystal Pepsi

People born in the '80s revisit Crystal Pepsi while millennials try it for the first time. "The '90s are lit right now man!"

Diet Coke Is No Longer America's Second-Favorite Soda

Pepsi has overtaken Diet Coke to claim the No. 2 spot on the U.S. soft drink leaderboard. The shift comes as the soda industry shrinks and diet drinks plummet even faster than full-sugar ones.

Can You Soda It?

Pickle juice soda anyone?

15 Hottest Food Trends Of 1912

Time-travel with us to last century, when Coke still had cocaine in it and ladies weren't allowed to lunch alone!

Death By Soda Can

One of the most creative zombie make-up SFX I've seen. Warning: Fake gore.

Space Invaders Love Coke

Reverse direction and drink faster! I think it's time for a special edition aluminum can renaissance.

Man Drinks Coke All Around The World

This video is kind of awesome. Duane was 29 and decided to see the world. Since Coca-Cola was available everywhere he decided to film himself drinking a Coke in every country. The results are pretty cool. I know this seems like Coke paid for him to do this, but according to his other vlogs (ugh), he went $22,000 into debt to make the trip. I think he was hoping Coke would hop in and sponsor it, but I'm not sure they did. Regardless check out his video.

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