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Coachella 2012


Here are even tackier fashion mistakes from the past two weekends. Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better.

The festival is finally behind us — so what did some of the world's hottest and most stylish ladies wear there? Here is your full recap.

The execution on all of these wasn't perfect, but a lot of this stuff is pretty cute — and beats the cliché cutoffs and crop tops you usually see at these things.

We get it, everyone you know was at Coachella last weekend, and everyone else is going this weekend. But for all of you aren't going, this is probably getting really annoying.

And looked pretty good! Unlike most people that go to these things.

It turns out the state of festival style is actually worse than predicted. But with one more Coachella weekend to come, everyone still has a chance to redeem themselves.

Lets be honest, folks. Coachella escalated from an inside music lover's weekend getaway to an outrageous popularity contest littered with bands well-off enough that they could play in the desert for free.

That's quite a line-up. This is going to be awesome.

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