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On the day of the third Republican presidential debate, Trump personally signed the letter of intent.

The victim's family is claiming the company acted negligently in not using its data-mining abilities to warn police of threats being made on the platform.

MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred said the Native American caricature "is no longer appropriate for on-field use."

A star is born.

More than two years after the deadly encounter with a 12-year-old playing with a pellet gun, Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann's employment has been terminated.

The three officers could face suspensions or termination if it's determined that they violated department policy, officials announced.

It never was a mistake by the lake.

"Putin is probably a better president for his country, unlike our president, who is working against us," one Donald Trump supporter told BuzzFeed News.

After the annual celebration was abruptly cancelled by organizers, who cited security concerns, the city’s LGBT community is pulling together to host a replacement event, the Executive Director of Cleveland's LGBT Community Center tells BuzzFeed News.

But there was a chicken.

Jonathan Harris, a librarian in Cleveland, is handing out books to protestors and attendees of the Republican National Convention alike.

No One Knows Anything, BuzzFeed's politics podcast, is in Cleveland this week.

Republicans from one of the most conservative states in the country are resisting the Republican nominee.

A tale of chaos and scandal at Day One of the Republican National Convention.

Reporting from Cleveland: Bim Adewunmi, Rosie Gray, Tarini Parti, Evan McMorris-Santoro, Darren Sands, Adrian Carrasquillo, McKay Coppins, Matt Stopera, Paul McLeod, Jim Dalrymple, John Stanton, and Mike Hayes.

The delegates were confident on a conference call Sunday night that they can defeat Trump. But after the call ended, there was little consensus on who, if not Trump, the nominee should be.

For many fans, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Do not click on this if you have a fear of heights.


Do you know your Dortmunder Gold from your Honey Hut?

It only took James two seasons to bring a championship to his home team.

The Cavs brought home the NBA Championship, winning a nail-biting Game 7 on Sunday.

The Cavaliers will bring the city of Cleveland its first professional championship since 1964.

The bill has sat in a committee since fall of 2014.

The father of one of Michael Madison's victims took a leaping lunge at the serial killer during his sentencing.

A jury awarded Arnold Black millions of dollars after he sued East Cleveland police for beating and locking him in a closet without food or a bathroom for days.

Rice was 12 years old when he was killed by a police officer.

Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy McGinty was blasted on the campaign trail for not recommending charges against the two officers involved in Tamir Rice's shooting.

Video of the confrontation was recorded just a day after Trump supporters and protestors clashed at a Trump rally that was canceled in Chicago.

The 12-year-old boy died at a hospital, where he was taken by ambulance after he was shot by a police officer.

Dallas police on Thursday said there was insufficient evidence to warrant a criminal complaint in the case.

The officer who fired 49 of the more than 100 police bullets after a November 2012 police chase was among those dismissed.

Nine days before Tamir Rice's death, Tanisha Anderson was killed during an altercation with Cleveland police when she was allegedly "slammed to the ground" by an officer.

A judge who ruled that there was probable cause to bring charges against the officers involved in the Tamir Rice shooting says the case should have been brought to a criminal trial jury — and not just a grand jury.

"The death of Tamir Rice was an absolute tragedy," Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said, "but it was not, by the law that binds us, a crime."

The statements to investigators — given roughly one year after 12-year-old Tamir Rice was fatally shot — are the first accounts to be released.

Julian Hernandez, who is now 18, was linked to the missing person's case when he applied for college and it was discovered that his Social Security number did not match his name.

This is a conversation we need to have.

The two reports will be presented to a grand jury, along with evidence in the case, to determine whether or not criminal charges will be filed against the officer.

Officials in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, released a report Thursday blaming "outdated" camera equipment for recording gaps of the night Ralkina Jones died in her jail cell.

As part of the announcement, the University of Akron renamed its education school the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education.

Ralkina Jones is the third African-American woman to die under questionable circumstances while in police custody in less than two weeks.

These are the most beautiful, impactful, and sorrowful pictures from the past week.

The release of the report comes days after a Cleveland judge issued a statement of probable cause to file criminal charges against the police officers over the 12-year-old's death.


Which legendary American city revs your motor?

It includes provisions for greater citizen input, accountability reforms, more training, and changes to the use of force policy.

Federal officials last year alleged that Cleveland Police had engaged in “a pattern or practice of using excessive force."

Samaria Rice made a "maternal decision" decision to lay her son to rest, the family's lawyer said. Tamir was 12 when he was fatally shot by a Cleveland police officer last November.

The City of Cleveland is trying to get the Rice family to suspend a federal civil rights lawsuit while local law enforcement continues its criminal investigation. The family argues that the criminal investigation into the 12-year-old's death has already taken too long.

"It’s a sad day for Cleveland," Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters.

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