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Cincinnati Zoo

Three Baby Cheetah Videos To Make Your Day Cuter

Nice hair, Savanna! When we first met her, all she could really do was adorably drink a bottle. I guess even time passes super-fast when you're a cheetah!

Cheetah Sets A New World Speed Record

Just in time for track and field events to begin this weekend, the Cincinnati Zoo's cheetah, Sarah, has shattered the previous record and is officially the fastest of all land mammals. She ran a 100-meter in 5.95 seconds -- nearly four seconds faster than Usain Bolt.

A New Baby Cheetah Has Been Born And Is Bottle-Fed

Born at the Cincinnati Zoo on June 22, Savanna's mom couldn't provide adequate care, so she's being fed with a bottle every 2.5 hours. Did I mention that she's ridiculously cute, or does that go without saying?

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