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Chris Brown

Will Time Ever Be Up For Abusive Men In Hip-Hop?

Throughout this past year of holding men in entertainment to task, the music industry has largely continued to overlook abuse allegations within its most popular genre, exhibiting a troubling lack of accountability.

Chris Brown In Custody Of U.S. Marshals

The singer is expected to be transported to Washington, D.C., to stand trial for the alleged assault of a man outside a hotel in October 2013.

Chris Brown Arrested After Hotel Brawl

"We don’t have VIP cells or anything, any special treatment," a Metropolitan Police Department officer said. UPDATE: Chris Brown's charge has been reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and he was released without bail.

Tasteless Chris Brown Joke Published In Paper

Today in jokes about abuse: The editors of Times Of India, the world's most circulated English language newspaper, apparently decided that this sparkling piece of wit about Chris Brown was a perfect fit for their funny pages.

Rihanna/Chris Brown Duet

Rihanna and Chris Brown will be making sweet music together, reportedly recording a duet for Brown's next album.

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