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Chelsea Clinton

Listen: Why Did Two Trans Influencers Have Their TikTok Accounts Deleted, When TikTok Says They Support Trans Creators?

“I do suspect that mass reporting has something to do with it. We’ve heard this from Black creators as well, that their accounts and videos have been deleted or they feel they’ve been shadow-banned. It seems like marginalized people tend to report this on TikTok.”

Hillary Clinton Will Raise Money For A Clinton Foundation Still In Transition

Last year, in advance of a potential Clinton presidency, the Clinton Foundation announced massive changes to its size and scope. In the aftermath of her loss, the foundation is still figuring out its direction and facing some tough realities — as Clinton returns to help raise money.

What Happens When The First Lady Isn’t A Lady?

Acting as first lady is a tough, public job that has always been considered women's work. If Bill Clinton becomes the United States' first man to take the position, he has a chance to change that — or not.

Hillary Clinton Sees No Problem With Chelsea Staying At Foundation

Bill Clinton has said he will step down from the Clinton Foundation if his wife becomes president to avoid the conflict of interest — but their daughter will stay on. “Everybody’s gonna take a hard look at what goes forward and what doesn’t,” Clinton told reporters Tuesday.

Clinton Foundation Prepares To Hand Off Programs, Scale Back Operations

The foundation will do more than restricting donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president. Planning began in February to find outside organizations that can absorb much of the foundation’s work in order resolve potential conflicts of interest.

Oscar de la Renta: Like Another Clinton

​Last year, in a rare joint interview, the three Clintons honor​ed​ de la Renta​ —​ ​a​n otherwise infrequent glimpse into one of the family's closest friendships.

Chelsea Gives Birth To A New Clinton: Charlotte

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, Bill and Hillary Clinton's first grandchild, was born on Friday, Sept. 26. "Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude," Chelsea tweets. In a statement on Saturday, the new grandparents add, “Chelsea is well and glowing. Marc is bursting with pride. Charlotte’s life is off to a good start.”

Chelsea Clinton Plays It Safe In Panel Appearance

At a nonprofit panel discussion, Clinton keeps to the topic of childhood hunger. Clintonland sought to "not just have it be about Chelsea," a spokeswoman says.

Chelsea Clinton, TV’s Dork Diva, Struggles At NBC

Hillary and Bill have worked their way back into our hearts, and now it's Chelsea's turn. The only problem: she's "terrible" on television, as network executives privately admit.

Sandra Fluke: Still a Rockstar

Wherever she speaks, she's all anyone can talk about. And the case was no different in New York Wednesday evening.


Rush Limbaugh's Last Six Apologies

The radio host offends often, but he doesn't apologize much. And when he does, as he did today — to women, African-Americans, a sick person — he doesn't exactly put his heart into it. But Sandra Fluke, whom he called a "slut," is in good company.

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