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Every Bill Murray Movie, According To Rotten Tomatoes

Illustrator Derek Eads charts every Bill Murray movie score on Rotten Tomatoes. To think, "The Life Aquatic" ranks higher than "Kingpin." For shame.


Rebekah Brooks' Next Move

Having recently resigned as chief executive of scandal-ridden News International, where will Rebekah Brooks go next?


Radiation Dosage Chart

Information Is Beautiful brings us a chart showing the levels of radiation present in things like getting x-rays, flying in an airplane, smoking cigarettes, or being exposed to the Chernobyl reactor after meltdown and how the various doses of radiation would affect you.


Musicians By The Numbers

A series of graphs from The Daily that mathematically break down popular musicians into individual components. Did you know Radiohead is 10% back issues of Wired? Or Justin Bieber is 26% completely benign dreaminess? You probably knew the Black Eyed Peas are 17% corporate sponsorships, though.

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