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    Just Dining On The 405

    Taking the bar—or champagne flutes, rather—and raising it to a whole new level, these three friends hopped a ‘fence or two’ and set up this elaborate dinner scene on the abandoned 405 in Los Angeles during Carmageddon. All the while, a construction crew was working nearby, a helicopter was flying overhead, and police lights flashed in the background. Cheers to that. (via

  • How Los Angeles Looks Without Any Cars

    ‘Carmageddon’ is happening in LA this weekend, due to a ten-mile stretch of the 405 being closed for 53 hours starting tonight. To honor it, filmmaker Ross Ching redid one of his films to envision the City of Angels without any cars (with a new soundtrack, coloring, and shots). It’s like a sunnier, less stressful version of 28 Days Later. (via