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Weiner Spokeswoman Who Went On Curse-Filled Tirade Laughs It Off

Yesterday, Barbara Morgan, a spokeswoman for embattled New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, apologized for reportedly calling Olivia Nuzzi, an intern on Weiner’s mayoral campaign, a "slutbag," “bitch,” “twat,” and “cunt.” Nuzzi appeared on the cover of the Daily News Tuesday morning for a story she wrote about what she described as her less-than-desirable experience working for the Weiner campaign earlier this year.

Anthony Weiner Admits "Some" New Sex Chat Allegations Are True

After BuzzFeed pressed the campaign for comment on new sex chat transcripts published on The Dirty, Weiner admits they're real. But timing remains unclear.

Anthony Weiner Faces New Sex Chat Allegations

The Dirty posts explicit Facebook and Formspring exchanges. "I'm deeply flawed." UPDATE: Weiner has released a statement acknowledging that at least some of the messages are authentic. This is the woman linked to these chats.

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