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Cambridge Analytica


Is Mark Zuckerberg Sorry?

Facebook has had lots of scandals. See if you can guess when its CEO actually apologized.

The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Said He Wanted To Create “The NSA’s Wet Dream”

Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower who helped found Cambridge Analytica, recently came clean about his role in creating the controversial data mining outfit. BuzzFeed News has obtained communications that show what he was thinking when he went about creating a similar company to Cambridge Analytica and why being “evil pays more.”

These Men Helped Create Cambridge Analytica. Here Is Their New, Very Similar Startup.

Chris Wylie, a data scientist whose work was at the center of a massive Facebook controversy, said publicly that he helped create “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool.” Two of his associates who also helped build that tool have been quietly building another company to analyze and influence human behavior.

The Truth About The Trump Data Team That People Are Freaking Out About

Cambridge Analytica says its “behavioral communications” techniques helped land Trump in the White House. Don’t believe it, say former campaign staffers, employees, and other GOP digital strategists. “You get a lot of snake oil like this in data work,” one said.

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