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14 portraits d'artistes du burlesques avant et après leur transformation

Sean Scheidt a pris des photos d'artistes du burlesques de Baltimore avant et après leurs métamorphoses.

14 Portraits Of Burlesque Performers That Reveal Their Remarkable Transformations

Sean Scheidt took pictures of Baltimore burlesque artists before and after their stunning metamorphoses. NSFW.

11 Eye-Opening Before-And-After Photos Of Burlesque Performers

Photographer Sean Scheidt presents the before and after transformation of Burlesque performers in Baltimore, challenging preconceptions of the performance art.


Anime Burlesque

The Devil's Playground recently put on an anime-themed burlesque performance, instantly making Pokémon and Fullmetal Alchemist tolerable. This is much less weird than any number of things you'll see in actual Japanese cartoons.

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