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Brooklyn Nine Nine


Build A Taco And We'll Give You A TV Show To Watch

So many options, so little tacos.


Here Are 19 Times "Friends" Actually Crossed Over Into Other TV Shows

Friends was referenced on Lizzie McGuire and we missed it!


The Hardest Game Of "Would You Rather" For People Obsessed With TV Couples

Save Ross and Rachel or Luke and Lorelai's relationship?


Do You Belong In "The Office," "Parks And Rec," Or "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"?

Should you live in Scranton, Pawnee, or Brooklyn?


Does Your Personality Match Amy Santiago Or Leslie Knope?

Either way you're celebrating Galentine's Day in style.


Which "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" And "Parks And Rec" Characters Are You A Combo Of?

Are you an Amy/Leslie combo or a Jake/Ben mashup?

23 Tumblr Posts You'll Only Understand If You're Obsessed With "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

"Ariana Grande was right when she said 'God is a woman' and her name is Rosa Diaz."


27 TV Moments That Will Surely Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

*grabs a box of tissues, curls up on couch, and cries.*


19 Reasons Why Terry Crews Is A Gift To The World

He is a national treasure and should be treated as such.


Quel personnage de «Brooklyn Nine-Nine» êtes-vous ?

«Qui êtes-vous ?» -> le titre de votre sex-tape.

NBC Is Saving "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" So Maybe Not Everything Is Garbage

Cocreator Mike Schur announced on Twitter that NBC will be giving Brooklyn Nine-Nine a sixth season after massive support from fans.

Fox Is Reviving "Last Man Standing" After Canceling "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" And Boy Do People Have Some Thoughts

Fox canceled cult favorites Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mick, The Last Man on Earth, and Lucifer before saving a show previously ditched by another network.

16 Times Jake Peralta From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Was The Funniest And Sweetest Character On TV

Attention Hulu or Netflix: Please save Brooklyn Nine-Nine!!!

30 Beautiful Things Fox Has STOLEN From Us By Canceling "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Goodbye, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You were too pure and beautiful for this world.

Fox Has Canceled "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" And People Are Really Upset About It

The network also canceled The Mick and Last Man on Earth.

21 Details From TV Comedy Series That’ll Make You Say, “How Did I Not Notice That?”

Did you know Ron Swanson is referenced in The Good Place?

28 Of The Best Bisexual Characters On Television

"I mean, it's called LGBTQ for a reason."


14 Questions All Sitcom Fans Need To Answer

There are a lot of sitcoms, guys.

A "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Character Just Came Out As Bi And People Are Celebrating The Representation

WARNING: Spoilers ahead if you haven't caught up with the show!


The Struggles Of Finals Week, As Told By "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Everyone could use some Gina Linetti to get them through this week.

Terry Crews Proved He Has The Best Robot Of All Time

The skill remains from his days as a breakdancer.

Literally Just 21 Fucking Funny Things From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

"I was born for politics. I have great hair, and I love lying."

16 Times Boyle Stole The Damn Show On "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Mmm, texting. That's the most intimate thing you can do to a lover with your fingers. Other than washing their hair.

22 Reasons Why Gina Linetti Is The Hero We All Need

"Do you know how many basic bitches would kill to have the same personality as me?"

The Cast Of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Plays "Never Have I Ever"

Never have I ever been handcuffed ~off set ~.

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