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Brock Turner

We Prioritize Boys' Suffering At Girls' Expense

Controversy over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination has raised the question: Should 17-year-old boys be held responsible later in life for alleged sexual assault? That depends on whose pain we value most.

Meet The Professor Who Says Sex In A Blackout Isn't Always Rape

Is it possible to voluntarily have sex while blackout drunk? Kim Fromme, one of the country’s foremost experts on alcohol-induced blackouts, isn’t afraid to say so, and has testified in high-profile sexual assault cases from Steubenville to Stanford.

Stanford Sex Assault Judge Went Easy On Another Student Athlete

Judge Aaron Persky, under fire for his sentencing of former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, delayed sentencing for a domestic violence offender so he could play football in Hawaii. “They made it easy for him,” the victim told BuzzFeed News.

Rape Culture Is Surveillance Culture

After being roofied twice, I realized I didn't always know who was watching me. And how dangerous that is.

Stanford Sex Assault Judge Removed From New Case

The Santa Clara district attorney said he did not believe the judge could be fair after he sentenced a former Stanford student to six months in jail for sex assault.

Joe Biden Writes An Open Letter To Stanford Survivor

The vice president, in an open letter sent to BuzzFeed News, said "a lot of people failed" the Stanford sexual assault survivor and that she will "save lives" thanks to the powerful message she read to her assailant in court.

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