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British Diplomats Are Now Getting Ready For A No-Deal Brexit Dress Rehearsal

Exclusive: The exercise has been code-named “Exercise Yellow Rehearse”.

Boris Johnson Will Meet With Angela Merkel And Emmanuel Macron Next Week To Discuss Brexit

The UK prime minister is scheduled to meet the leaders of the EU’s largest member states in Berlin and Paris.

"Are They Bluffing?" The Question On Everyone's Lips As Boris Johnson's Aides Threaten No-Deal And A November Election.

BuzzFeed News can reveal Downing Street has warned big business to get on board with its Brexit plans, as tensions mount between Number 10 and the Treasury over Johnson's election promises.

This Is How Dominic Cummings Sees The World — And What It Means For Brexit

The Number 10 adviser's blogs reveal the truth about his plans for the next few months...if you look closely enough.

Insiders Say Dominic Cummings Has Instilled a Culture Of Fear In Boris Johnson’s New Government

One aide, asked by BuzzFeed News if their job was secure, replied on WhatsApp with a GIF of a frightened Spongebob Squarepants shivering in terror.

The Brexit Party Is Stepping Up Its Fight Against Boris Johnson

The party is about to reveal 150 general election candidates — having already infuriated Tories by choosing to stand in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.

Boris Johnson Will Be The UK’s New Prime Minister

Johnson will take over with just 15 weeks until the UK is scheduled to leave the EU and with no sign of a solution to the political crisis that has crippled Parliament.

Meet Jo Swinson, The New Lib Dem Leader Who Believes The Brexit Fallout Could Carry Her Into Number 10

Swinson's allies say she shouldn't be underestimated, but not everyone in the party is convinced, with some criticising her "overbearing" manner with staff and lack of decisiveness on key issues.

Boris Johnson Is Viral On Facebook Because People Share Negative Stories About Him In Big Numbers

The articles that were most widely shared were those that emphasised questions about Johnson’s integrity and track record.

Boris Johnson Could Become The First PM To Lose His Seat. This Is How.

While Johnson focuses on Number 10, rival parties in his west London constituency are gearing up for the biggest fight of their life.

MPs Have Voted To Make It Harder For Boris Johnson To Secure A No-Deal Brexit

In a wider margin of victory for anti-no-deal MPs than expected, an amendment aimed at preventing Parliament from being suspended passed by a majority of 41.

The People’s Vote Campaign Is At War Over Whether It Should Back Remaining In The EU

Exclusive: Leaked emails between key second-referendum supporters, including Alastair Campbell and A.C. Grayling, reveal the campaign is embroiled in acrimony among its "warring factions".

Boris Johnson Has Refused To Say If He’ll Keep The British Ambassador Who Upset Trump In His Job

The Tory leadership frontrunner dodged a question about Sir Kim Darroch.

Boris Johnson Backed A Singapore-Style Tax-Free Port At Bristol 6 Weeks After Receiving £25,000 From The Bristol Port Company

The Tory-leadership frontrunner has endorsed a report specifically calling for his donor's port at Bristol to be made a tax-free zone.

Canada Is Refusing To Roll Over Its EU Trade Agreement For The UK If There's A No-Deal Brexit

UK officials are "furious" at Canada's decision, but it reflects the confusion around trade policy after the failure of Theresa May's Brexit strategy.

The Conservatives Are Pushing Back Against Calls To Strengthen The UK’s Election Regulator

Campaigners said the Electoral Commission needs tougher powers to stop the influence of “dark money” in British politics, but the Tories “would not support such a move”, according to a submission to a parliamentary inquiry.

Boris Johnson Now Says There's A "Million To One" Chance Britain Will Leave The EU With No Deal

The Tory leadership contender also said he was "not attracted" to suspending Parliament to make Brexit happen — but he didn't rule it out.

Theresa May Promised To Tackle These “Burning Injustices”. This Data Shows She Improved None Of Them.

Exclusive: A new analysis gives a withering assessment of the outgoing Tory leader’s record on the domestic policy priorities she identified in her first speech outside Downing Street.

Judges Have Thrown Out An Attempt To Prosecute Boris Johnson Over Allegations He Lied To The Public About Brexit

Johnson's lawyers had argued that the private prosecution was "politically motivated and vexatious".

The Government Deployed Civil Servants Across Europe In Anticipation Of A No-Deal Brexit That Never Happened

EXCLUSIVE: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office spent more than £800,000 training and deploying more than 200 civil servants to dozens of locations across the continent to help British expats and tourists.

Tory Leadership Candidates Claim Ministers Are Planning To Release New No-Deal Warnings That Could Derail Their Campaigns

Candidates in favour of keeping a no-deal Brexit alive claim departments are trying to influence the race to become prime minister, but the government insists updates will be routine and "sensible".

Tory Leadership Hopefuls Are Piling Into Social Media But Mostly Their Campaigns Have Fallen Flat

Analysis by BuzzFeed News shows that Boris Johnson is way ahead of the dozen-or-so other contenders at driving the conversation online, even when he's not trying.

The Tories And Labour Suffered Their Worst Election Results In Living Memory

Jeremy Corbyn is under huge pressure to support a second Brexit referendum as the pro-Remain Lib Dems declare they're "back in business".

Inside The Number 10 Bunker: How Distrust And Division Helped Sink Theresa May's Premiership

The relationship between May and her top aides through three turbulent years was defined by paranoia about potential enemies, a total and unswerving belief that Number 10's plan was the only one that would work, and confusion over what the PM was really thinking.



Millions Of Young Women Are Being Targeted By Facebook Ads Depicting Nigel Farage As A Bloody-Eyed Vampire

Businesswoman Gina Miller's new group has spent almost £30,000 on the anti-Farage scare campaign, which aims to reach millions of young people.

Theresa May Has Offered MPs A Vote On Whether To Have A Second Brexit Referendum

Conservative Brexiteers who previously backed the deal are now saying they're going to vote against it.

New Video Shows Nigel Farage Courting Fringe Right-Wing Figures At A Private Tea Party Hosted At The Ritz

Farage was a guest at the event alongside people who have praised Putin and spread far-right memes. The Brexit Party leader asked them for money and “all the help we can get”.

Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister?

Here is your definitive list of everyone who has confirmed they're running, says they're considering it, or has ruled themselves out.

Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?

TLDR: It all continues to go brilliantly.

Change UK’s Top Donors Are Funding A Firm Behind Facial Recognition Software Used To Register EU Citizens

Exclusive: The facial recognition software has been compared to “border guards knocking on every door in the U.K. and forcing EU nationals to show documentation."

The Brexit Party’s Most Senior Election Official Says Tommy Robinson Has Been “Persecuted” And Islamophobia Is “Made Up”

Nigel Farage distanced himself from his party's national election agent after BuzzFeed News uncovered the posts.

Under Siege For His Comments About Rape, UKIP’s Star Candidate Carl Benjamin Has Recruited Milo Yiannopoulos To Join His Campaign

The former Breitbart editor and conservative troll is returning to the UK for a week to support Carl Benjamin's bid for a seat in the European Parliament.

I Know You've Heard This Before But The Next Few Weeks Could Be Pivotal For Brexit. Here's Why.

We've entered the stage that Number 10 aides and political journalists are embarrassingly calling the "death zone".

Theresa May Believes She Can Now Do A Brexit Deal With Jeremy Corbyn

The government has offered Labour a customs arrangement and "dynamic alignment" on workers' rights, sources familiar with the talks told BuzzFeed News.

Theresa May's Former Universities Minister Has Warned The Government Risks Being Seen As ‘Against Young People”

Proposals to raise university fees for EU students — revealed by BuzzFeed News — have caused a major Cabinet row.

The Government Is Planning To Make EU Students Pay Higher Tuition Fees To Study At English Universities

Exclusive: Home fee status and financial support for EU nationals will be withdrawn as of 2021 in a new crackdown on foreign students by Theresa May.

A YouTuber Standing As A UKIP Candidate Invited Supporters To A Gaming Community That Has Chatrooms Filled With White Supremacist And Anti-Semitic Content

Sargon of Akkad – one of UKIP’s candidates for the European elections – invited supporters to join a Discord server from a video on his YouTube channel last week.

Tory MPs Had A Plan To Get Rid Of Theresa May And Deliver Brexit. Now They’re Freaking Out.

“It is now clear that MPs would vote to revoke rather than allow no deal, and that the government is seriously considering a vote on a second referendum,” one Tory MP told BuzzFeed News.

Here's What Happened When Nigel Farage Officially Launched A Hard Brexit Political Party

The Brexit Party's MO is "principle heavy, policy light", a spokesperson said.

EU Leaders Have Agreed To Delay Brexit To October 31

Theresa May had requested an extension until June, but at a summit in Brussels the leaders rejected both that and a longer delay to the end of the year many had argued for.

Emmanuel Macron Doesn’t Want Brexit Delayed Beyond December 2019 At The Latest

The French president also wants checkpoints every three months to ensure the UK is not disrupting EU business, according to European diplomats privately briefed on his thinking.

The EU Wants The UK To Approve The Brexit Deal This Week Or Face A Long Delay

A draft memo prepared ahead of this week’s EU summit says the UK would be held to enhanced “sincere cooperation” terms in the event of a 9- or 12-month extension.

The EU Thinks That Theresa May’s Request For A Short Delay To Brexit Is “Very Risky”

Several EU governments have doubts about a long extension too, according to a diplomatic note of an EU27 ambassadors meeting seen by BuzzFeed News.

Theresa May Has Asked For Article 50 To Be Extended To June 30

The move means Britain could have to participate in elections to the European Parliament.

The UK Might Have To Withdraw Troops From A Military Operation In Bosnia In The Event Of A No-Deal Brexit

Command of the operation has already been transferred to a French lieutenant general.

Theresa May And Jeremy Corbyn Could Give Scotland, Wales, And Northern Ireland A Veto On Future Changes To A Brexit Deal

The plan would place a significant hurdle on a Brexit-supporting future prime minister to rip up a customs union deal.

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