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10 Better New Yahoo! Logos

A Tumblr has, of course, been established for "designers" to post their visions of a better new Yahoo! logo.


Condescending Corporate Brand Page

A wonderful facebook page that perfectly mocks all the clueless companies that have no idea how to use social media.


Star Wars Brand Logos

These Star Wars Logos are by Barn Bocock. Where Sci-Fi and Consumerism meet over and over and over. (via The Uniblog)

The New HTML5 Logo

HTML5 has a logo now! It seems fine, but what do I know? Also, since when do markup languages need logos? Since now, I guess. Logos are the new something something. If you don't have a logo, you cannot be interpellated as a subject. What do you guys think?

Minimalist Package Design

The Antrepo Design Project experiment with the idea of removing all the clutter from product packaging for a minimalist effect. It's striking how much is still there after all that noise is removed. More examples here. (Via Swiss Miss.)

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