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12 Wince-Inducing Photos Of Boxers Before And After A Fight

Photographer Howard Schatz studied professional boxing for six years in a bid to get under the skin of fighting champions.

21 Irresistible Boxer Puppies To Celebrate Boxing Day

Boxing Day has nothing to do with puppies. Unless you are giving puppies as gifts in which case, can I have one?

139 Young Boxers Before And After Fights

Nicolai Howalt recently released this massive collection of photographs he took of young fighters before and after they entered the ring. The collection is called 141 Boxers but he has only posted 139 of the photos on his website. If you're absolutely dying to see the last two make sure to visit the exhibition.

Before And After Portraits Of Young Boxers

Photographer Nicolai Howalt followed a group of young Danish boxers and photographed them before and after a match. The shift that happens in their eyes after a fight is seriously unsettling. (via Public School)

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