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Book Art

21 Google Book Scans That Bring Surprising Intimacy To The Digital Book World

Just when physical book lovers were losing hope in a world of Kindles and iPads, Google Book Art emerged. Since 2011, this Tumblr has collected the detailed, often beautiful, images that lay not in the writing itself but the history of the eyes who read it.

This Is The Fanciest Book Art You'll See Today

Artist Kelly Campbell creates 3D collages of your favorite books using the book itself.

14 Classic Albums Reimagined As Books

British designer Christophe Gowans answers the question: "What if best-selling albums had been books instead?"

Check Out This Punny Portrait Of Mark Zuckerberg

"Red" Hong is an artist who likes to use unconventional materials to craft her portraits of iconic figures. She wanted to commemorate her recent trip to the US and was about to seek inspiration from her Facebook network when inspiration struck... Face. Book. Watch her amazing process below:

12 Alternate Book Covers

Ever looked at a book and wished for different cover art? The Alternate Book Covers Flickr group collects these wishes made manifest: their pool consists of reimagined book covers. Here are some of my favorites.


The Art Of Lucy Fitch Perkins

Lucy Fitch Perkins (1865-1937) was a prolific illustrator of early 20th century children's books. She is best known for her Twins series, but some of her most beautiful illustrations appeared in now-obscure fairy tale collections. Here's a sampling of her artwork that heretofore hasn't been seen on the web.


Book Origami

Book of Art creates amazing origami sculptures using the pages of novels. You'd be foolish to judge these books by their covers.

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