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The Best Of Beyonce's Tumblr

Beyonce's personal new tumblr blog just recently went live and not only is it amazing, but it reveals some intimate moments from her honeymoon with Jay-Z. Also revealed: her snorkeling face, her great set of sand-boobs, and B can rock a Spider-man suit like no other.

The Classical

The Classical is a fantastic new sports site for the discerning sports fan that fills a much-needed hole in the sports blogosphere. Brought to you by a team of writers from (among other venerable publications) Free Darko, The Awl, n+1, and Yahoo! Sports, The Classical aims to "write about sports the way that smart people talk about sports," which, good for them. If you're someone who enjoys both sports and reading, you should give it a look.

We Love You So

In preparation for Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze has started a blog which is being described as "part arts/culture blog, part Wild Things primer, and part newspaper for stuff that makes us psyched."

The Original Scanned-Sandwich Blog

While you might have seen the artsy, one-off food blog at Scanwiches and thought to yourself, "hey, what a great idea," it's apparently just a copy cat!


The Homicide Report

A staggering blog written by Jill Leovy of the LA Times tells the accounts of every single murder that happens in Los Angeles.

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