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I Spent Two Terrifying Days Imprisoned In Belarus

A week of protests has followed a rigged election in Belarus, where President Alexander Lukashenko’s security state deployed violence and fear to cling to power.

The Death Of A US Contractor Has Exposed America’s Failures In Syria

American survivors tell the inside story of the fatal explosion that killed a US military contractor and father of two. The blunders that led up to his death expose deep problems in farming out much of America’s Syria strategy to private companies. Now, the feds are investigating.

"Europe's Last Dictator" Just Crushed Another Election

Exit polls showed Alexander Lukashenko winning a fifth term as president of the repressive post-Soviet state on Sunday with over 80% of the vote — the exact total he had said he would get.

Meet The Obscure Company Behind America’s Syria Fiasco

A multimillion-dollar deal with a minuscule arms dealer led to the death of a US citizen, delays in arming Syrian rebels, and the purchase of weapons from a pro-Russia dictatorship — all for a pile of defective 30-year-old weapons.

"Angry Beavers" Are Very Real In Belarus

A fisherman bled to death in March after being bitten by one of the large rodents. More injuries are being reported as the beaver population grows in regions around the world. WARNING: Graphic image of beaver bite within.

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