battle of feeds

  • Feed Battle: Highlights!

    It’s Day 4 of Feed Battle and the battle is getting more and more intense. Five strong leaders have emerged, but there’s plenty of time for that to change and a new feed to rise above the fray. In previous updates, we’ve talked about how the Feeds are using social media to get traffic to their posts, but let’s take a moment to look at just a few of the creative posts that you may have missed.

  • Feed Battle: Day 3!!

    Bearfeed’s currently comfortably in the lead, so today we’re going to highlight the rest of the top 10 in the epic Feed Battle. Other Feed Battlers take note, you can learn a thing or two here.

  • Feed Battle: The War So Far!

    The leaders after one day of battle are harnessing the power of the social web to drive traffic to their feeds. Watch, and learn! [UPDATE: In the time it took me to write this, the two leaders have switched places. We have a serious battle on our hands. Of Feeds!]