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Banned Books


5 Criminal Mugshots of Characters From Banned Books

To celebrate Banned Books Week, Tumblr user Jubliant Antics! created some wonderful thought-provoking mugshots of beloved literary characters.

Judging Banned Books By Their Covers

This week is banned books week, a time to celebrate the titles libraries and schools have pulled from the shelves. Here are some theories on why these novels got blacklisted based on their covers alone.

17 Banned Books You Read As A Child

Or as an adult...don't judge me. In honor of Banned Books Week here's a few novels you can pull out of the attic in order to stick it to the man.

Top 10 Most-Complained-About Books In 2009

The American Library Association has released their list of the books most challenged by parents in 2009. Apparently parents still think that 1) their kids don't watch television; 2) their kids actually use libraries; and 3) their kids can READ. Of course Twilight makes the list, but surprisingly not because of the shittacular writing.

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