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How Many Of These Ballet Terms Do You Know The Meaning Of?

If your score is on point, your life is on pointe!


Jennifer Garner Shared A Mind-Blowing Video Of A Pregnant Ballerina

"I'm in total awe of this. At this point in my pregnancy my husband had to help me groom in the shower."

¿Puede existir un ballet que no dañe a las mujeres?

Las consecuencias de un año de #MeToo nos llevan a preguntarnos cómo puede el ballet convertirse en algo menos dañino para las mujeres y sus cuerpos, y quién debe involucrarse para llevar a cabo esos cambios.

Is There Such A Thing As Ballet That Doesn’t Hurt Women?

The fallout from a year of #MeToo forces us to ask how ballet can become less damaging to women and their bodies, and who needs to be included to make that change.


16 Photos Show How This Ballet Company Prepares For The Nutcracker

The Brooklyn Ballet is literally dancing in the streets.



We Trained Like Professional Dancers For A Month And It Was Freaking Hard

Five women take on the challenge of training like professional dancers for a month under the guidance of choreographer Robert Gilstrap and Beyonce’s backup dancer Jermeel Hewitt.

We Tried Ballet Fitness And It Was Insane

"I do expect that I am about to be in for a world of pain."

The Ballerina Who Accused Her Instructor Of Sexual Assault

After going public with allegations against her instructor, ballerina Lissa Curtis was unwittingly —and uncomfortably — thrust into the role of a spokesperson for sexual assault survivors. What her struggles offstage reveal about coming forward in 2016.

Kendall Jenner Did A Ballet Shoot For Vogue And People Are Pissed

"Ballet dancers don't train 7+ hours a day, 7 days a week, to be represented by Kendall Jenner and her dodgy feet."

The Most Interesting Photo Stories Of The Week

As we try to make sense of this week, we look back at 10 photo essays about activists, athletes, inmates, and refugees.

These Mumbai Boys Are Trying To Go To New York To Show Off Their Sick Ballet Skills

"Ballet" is only one letter away from "baller". (H/t Homegrown)

17 preuves que les danseurs classiques sont les plus forts

Il faut beaucoup de force pour avoir l'air aussi délicat.

16 Photos That Prove Ballerinas Are Strong AF

It takes a lot of strength to look this delicate.

A Little Girl Puked All Over Paula Abdul And It Was Hilarious

"All the happiness came out on her jacket."

Ces danseuses qui font des pointes sur Jason Derulo sont des reines

«Ce que j'ai vu, c'est la force de plusieurs femmes en train de faire quelque chose qu'elles aiment. La façon dont elles dansent montre qu'elles font du ballet», a dit un internaute sous la vidéo vue plus de 3 millions de fois.

This Clothing Designer Makes Nude Dancewear For Dancers Of Color

Because peach is not nude for ~everyone~.

This Man Is Breaking Expectations Of What A Dancer Is Supposed To Look Like

"Attempting to change the mind and shape of dancers."


Ces photos montrent la beauté brutale du monde de la danse

Le photographe Rick Guest veut montrer «le sacrifice nécessaire» des danseurs professionnels.

These Portraits Reveal The Brutal Beauty Of Dance

Photographer Rick Guest lays bare the hidden strengths of professional dance.

A Ballet Troupe Performed An Impromptu Routine During Their Flight Delay And Slayed Us All

Definitely the most productive way to deal with a layover.


Which "Flesh And Bone" Character Are You?

There's no business like show business.

Sascha Radetsky Looks Back On "Center Stage" And Ahead To "Flesh & Bone"

Fifteen years after his performance as Charlie in the beloved ballet drama, Sascha Radetsky is taking audiences behind the red curtain once more with Starz’s gritty Flesh and Bone.

Stella Abrera Is Making Ballet History — And She's Just Getting Started

After 14 years in soloist purgatory and two years of frustrating injuries, Stella Abrera became the first Filipina-American principal dancer in the history of American Ballet Theatre. And she's just getting started.


The Curious Case Of Susan May Pratt

"It's kind of disappointing to have one's career peak in your mid-twenties and have it be a downhill slide since," the star of 10 Things I Hate About You, Drive Me Crazy, and Center Stage tells BuzzFeed News.

This Ballet Dancer's Instagram Is God's Gift To Humanity

God bless you, Roberto Bolle. God bless the male body and also tights.

17 fois où Misty Copeland nous a émerveillés

La ballerine est devenue la première danseuse étoile noire de l'American Ballet Theatre de New York.

Misty Copeland Named American Ballet Theater's First Black Female Principal Dancer

The 32-year-old ballerina has been with the dance company since 2000.


20 Times Misty Copeland's Instagram Rocked Your World

The ballerina has finally been promoted to principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre.

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