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9 Things I Will Actually Miss About "True Blood"

HBO's sexy supernatural series True Blood will be ending after next season — and not a moment too soon. But as bad as the show is, it's still given us plenty to enjoy over its soon-to-be six-year run.

Fake Script For Fred Durst's New Sitcom "Douchebag"

Tumblr user Synecdoche wrote a perfect opening scene for Fred Durst's new sitcom. The real show is currently in development for CBS' fall lineup.

The Greatest Hits of Cop Rock

Cop Rock was a musical police drama that aired on ABC in 1990. It was canceled after 11 episodes (for some reason), won 2 Emmys, and featured some of the most inspiring song and dance numbers ever seen on television to date. Glee, eat your heart out.

Mario Lopez

From Dancing With The Stars to Broadway to a fitness book, Lopez was named the sole host of the tabloid show Extra.

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