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You might be surprised.

Jenna Guillaume • 44 minutes ago

If you're a sneaky domestic traveller, this memo is for you.

Anna Mendoza • 1 hour ago

She took the leap to raise awareness for a disease that claimed her daughter's life.

Joshua Moradel • 8 hours ago

Australia is only ahead of Taiwan, Korea, Iran, the US, and Saudi Arabia.

Elfy Scott • 6 hours ago

Roger the Roo was 12 years old.

Simon Crerar • 5 hours ago

They're all doing such good things.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has argued that there should be independent oversight of the impact the tech companies are having on Australian media and journalism.

Dawson was arrested on Wednesday in Queensland and flown to New South Wales to face court over the alleged murder of his wife Lyn Dawson in 1982.

Featuring a smash room, a steak bigger than your head and one of the prettiest brunches we've ever seen.


More happened than just The Bachelor.

The judge in the case actually ruled that fish oil smells "unpleasant" and "like a cross between stale fish and vinyl".

If you're not following Chris Hemsworth on Instagram, what are you doing with your life?

The West Indies batsman successfully sued Fairfax Media over articles alleging he had exposed himself to a massage therapist. He's now been awarded $300,000 — but Fairfax plans to appeal.

Honestly, these employees deserve a raise.

"The mental health situation and suffering is amongst the most severe that has seen around the world, including in projects providing care for victims of torture."

I see you New York and raise you Melbourne's most glamourous shindig.

Daniel Holdom murdered Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson and her 2-year-old daughter Khandalyce a decade ago. On Friday morning, he received two life sentences.

Suicide and infectious disease rates, and heat stroke-related deaths, are all projected to rise.

You can't let a summer go past without having at least one Paddle Pop.

Fires are still burning in several areas across the state.

The Senate crossbench is mad, saying they had the numbers to block the legislation if Labor hadn't cut a deal.

It's time to break out of your suburb bubble.

Yes, we all love Knickers. But how tall are the smaller cows surrounding him?

Train stations have been closed, flights cancelled and delayed, and everyone is basically soaked.

This present will make you want to go down under.

Isn't it about time you got all caught up?


Let's hit the road.

hayleymoulton • 5 hours ago

The ultimate cringefest.

You beauty.

Four specimens dating back to 1880 were stolen in a bone heist last week, police say.

Thank god for the internet.

She is an eternal summer mood.

"Whether the onions are on top or underneath, I'll always be buying sausages on bread," says Australia's prime minister, who has commented on this for some reason.


Are you ~koalafied~?

The IPCC report said that if global surface temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius, “virtually all” coral reefs will be lost.

The best places to spend all that hard-earned money.

Steve Irwin would be proud.

Police said there had been hundreds of reports of contaminated fruit across the country.

This program has been 15 years in the making.


It's all in the clothing.

Spoiler alert: it was very wet.

But it's not a reason for coeliacs to panic.

Queensland police made an arrest following a complex national investigation.

Since the 1800s many of Australia's richest and most powerful have vied for an invite to the most coveted party in the country.

Police say they are treating the attack as a "terrorism incident" and said that the suspect has died in hospital after being shot in the chest by police.

On the final day of the trial, lawyers argued over the question: if Rush wins, how much should he get?

Australians really need to go to bed.

He came out on top, down under.

Loneliness takes a huge toll on mental and physical health in the long-term.

"We can’t continue doing the same thing and expecting different results."

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