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A Woman Who Hit Strangers With An Axe In A 7-Eleven Had Five Years Added To Her Sentence

Evie Amati will now spend at least eight years in prison.

Lane Sainty • 1 hour ago

New Zealand Says Australia's Visa Cancellation Policy Is "A Rub" Between The Two Countries

"Only 1% of total deportations from New Zealand are to Australia, while more than 50% of total deportations from Australia are to New Zealand."

Hannah Ryan • 11 hours ago

16 Bomb-Ass Pancake Dishes You Can Only Get In Perth

From thin to thick and berries to bacon, Perth has all your pancake needs covered.


Which "Blue Water High" Character Is Your Soulmate?

If I don't get Heath, I'm gonna be so mad.

A Huge Banking Scoop Was Almost Never Published After Police Raids Freaked Out The Whistleblower

Award-winning journalist Adele Ferguson says the controversial raids have made it harder to do investigative reporting.

21 Cosy Cafes In Perth To Visit When It's Way Too Cold Outside

Crawl out from under your blankets because we’ve got the cure for winter blues!

One Woman Was Killed And Another Injured In Central Sydney Before Bystanders Detained The Knife-Wielding Suspect

NWS police said the man had a history of mental health issues, but that it was too early to determine a motive for the attack.


Eight Of These Spiders Will Cause You A World Of Pain. Can You Pick The One That Won't?

And yes, you'll find all of them in Australia. Naturally.

36 Photos Of Chris Hemsworth That Made Me Feel A Tingle Down There

Happy 36th birthday to the king that keeps on giving!

Asylum Seekers In Papua New Guinea Will Have To Give Up Phones As They’re Forced Into New Holding Cells

The men have been told to surrender their mobile phones and medication, and that they will not be able to leave their rooms.

Four Sisters Spent Years Trapped In An Island Detention Camp. Their New Life Has Its Own Struggles.

Now in America after growing up in detention on a remote Pacific island, four young sisters grapple with the years they lost.

16 Brisbane Hikes That Will (Literally) Take Your Breath Away

Because the gym is crowded and leg day isn't going to do itself.

19 Dishes In Brisbane That Are Just Made For Instagram

Get your camera out, it’s time for a good feed.

I Just Found Out What The Cast Of "Round The Twist" Looks Like Today And Now I Feel Old AF

Or, at least, the 13 cast members I could successfully track down.

14 Bubble Teas In Adelaide That Are Just Perfect For Your Instagram

And now I'm reaaallyyy craving bubble tea.

"Deeply Troubling": A Coroner Has Criticised The Care Of A Pregnant Woman Who Died Hours After Leaving Hospital

"This inquest has put the health system on notice," said a family member.

Cancel Your Plans Because Netflix Australia Just Dropped Their August Lineup

*Wastes entire night deciding what to watch because there's too many good.*

13 Things That Only Happen In A Rural High School

It was a terrifying, yet character-building time.

Terri Irwin Just Shared The Most Adorable Photos For Bindi's 21st Birthday And I'm Ugly Crying

First of all, how is Bindi 21??? Second of all, I'm weeping.

We Need To Discuss Why Max From "The Saddle Club" Was The Sexual Awakening Of A Generation

Take a seat, take your bra off and take a look at the pure sexual dynamo that was Max 'The Stallion' Regnery.


Nicole Kidman Has Starred In 59 Movies – How Many Have You Seen?

My brain hurts just by looking at this list.

The Government Asked Asylum Seekers About Their Sex Lives, Then Fought To Keep The Interviews Secret

A government employee asked two asylum seekers for intimate details. The government didn't want you to know about it.

The First Medevac Report Shows An “Unbelievably High” Number Of Mental Health Admissions

Exclusive: A government report has revealed the “unbelievably high” rate of medical admissions for refugees suffering mental illness on Nauru.

Get Ready To Spend All Of Your Money In The Best Sale Of The Year

I have been waiting for this day all year.

This Man Wants Australians To Pay For Their Train Tickets... With Their Faces

The NSW transport minister likened the plan to Amazon's "Just Walk Out" technology.

You Will Soon Vote On Whether Indigenous Australians Should Be Recognised In Our Constitution

"The national interest requires a new relationship with Indigenous Australians."

How A Remote Community Is Bringing Indigenous Songs And Dances Back To Life

"They weren’t just recording songs to have them sitting in an archive."


Opinion: Everyone Is Wrong About Israel Folau

Israel Folau’s belief that gay people go to hell is not niche. But it is harmful — and sacking him does nothing to help.

12 Reality TV Stars Aussies Won't Forget Any Time Soon

Nollsie, the voice of a generation.

21 Things That Happen To Australians Every Single Winter

No happy little Vegemites in sight.

Ash Barty Just Became The Number One Tennis Player In The World – Here's How

And she's only the second Aussie female IN HISTORY to claim the top spot.

8 Emotional Stages Of Watching Your Friends In Europe While You're Stuck In A Wintery Hellhole

Who needs a summer by the Amalfi Coast when you’ve got sweet, unbridled resentment to keep you warm?


It's Simple – Are You More Like Kath Or Kim?

It's noice, it's different, it's unusual.

14 Things That Happened At Every Aussie School Sports Carnival

Let’s go team, let’s go! *Clap clap.*

Pineapple Burritos Are Now A Thing At Mad Mex And They're Actually Delicious AF

You've heard of pineapple on pizza, now get ready for pineapple on burritos.

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