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"I am going to declare my gender today... to be a woman and then you'll no longer be able to attack me," Nationals senator Barry O'Sullivan said.

Prime minister Scott Morrison is now increasing the food relief budget by $1.5 million.

The Australian Workers' Union hired private investigators to track him down.

"If I'm the leader of the Labor party, I don't want Luke Foley sitting in our ranks," Michael Daley said.

Senior Labor figures are calling for Foley to be disendorsed as the party’s candidate for Auburn at the March state election.

Foley said the allegations are false and he will launch defamation action immediately.

The woman said Foley called her on Sunday and told her: “I’m not a philanderer, I’m not a groper, I’m just a drunk idiot.”

"Prime minister, you're on a bus tour. Why are you flying?"

This is the third political party Latham has been a member of.

Scott Morrison's fair dinkum, cap wearing, daggy dad, normal bloke who wants everyone who has a go to get a go media strategy has been mocked online, but Liberals say it cuts through in Queensland.

Oh, the schadenfreude.

Gary Johns had said the acknowledgement of country in his email signature would make him look like he wasn't treating all charities the same.

Welcome to minority government.

It's a $60 million apprentice scheme Pauline Hanson created so businesses will hire Aussie workers and not foreign visa holders.

Sky News has pulled down audio where the Outsiders host describes Chinese people as "black haired, slanty-eyed [and] yellow-skinned".

Dutton claimed in parliament that the documents were "confidential", but the department said it didn't provide anything for the files.

"This is political correctness gone mad by an out of touch government, which is pandering to its knuckle-dragging and right wing philistines," Labor senator Kim Carr said.

It's been over 30 months since 18-year old Josh Park-Fing died on a Queensland Work for the Dole Site.

"It's been a slow start, mostly because a number of the states have yet to sign on to the program."

But the high school students admitted that some of their friends don't even know who the prime minister is.

Joshua Park-Fing was 18 when he died from critical head injuries after falling from a trailer at Toowoomba Showgrounds.

The TV regulator found the segment "provoked serious contempt on the basis of race", and now Seven is seeking a judicial review.

"Senator Cameron, I'm not going to go through with you the dance that you now want to do," Cash said.

Assistant treasurer Stuart Robert has repaid close to $38,000 for his internet bills, but Labor still wants answers.

Michaelia Cash has refused to go into detail about the leaks from her office.

The AWU wants Cash's former chief of staff to give evidence about the raid leaks.

There are still another 52 children on the Pacific island.

"I am not prepared to rule out or rule in or make any comment about who that investigation may or may not have taken an interest in," said AFP commissioner Andrew Colvin.

Prime minister Scott Morrison said it was a "sorry that dare not ask for forgiveness, a sorry that speaks only of profound grief and loss".

The Liberal Party just suffered one of the biggest swings against it in Australia's political history.

The two Australian politicians are duking it out in court over a Senate sexism stoush that escalated dramatically in the media.

“I do think we are doing enough, and I do think we have had a good record on climate change," Liberal candidate Dave Sharma said.


Meat and Livestock Australia isn't happy about the use of the term "Lambassador".

"She was my counsellor, my friend, my doctor, and the witness to my torture and traumatisation."

"Why are you slowly killing these children? Are you seriously arguing threatening these children's lives is some kind of necessary evil?"

Minister Kelly O'Dwyer has dismissed any suggestions of interference.

Prime minister Scott Morrison said on Tuesday he had met with concerned colleagues.

Pauline Hanson says the government is suffering from "it's okay to be white guilt".

"I'm fundamentally opposed to discrimination in schools, for pupils or for teachers, on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, or really anything else for that matter," Dave Sharma said.

The slogan is used by the white supremacist and alt-right movements.

Here's the first report into what went down at the ABC in September.

Australian man Adam James Easton said voting would leave him feeling "morally corrupt". He won in court — but then he lost.

Dutton's silence was unexplained and "fell short" of how the government should act in lawsuits, a Federal Court justice said.

"Common sense has prevailed! Congratulations to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and to President Trump on a tremendous selection," the post said.

His new lawyer: "I couldn’t cavil with the fact that the defence was an interesting document."

James Durston has to publish an apology in the paper saying sorry, or he'll be fined.

Prime minister Scott Morrison has asked for assistant minister Stuart Robert's high internet fees to be investigated.

Emails reveal the Department of Health strongly pushing for a Parliamentary Library article to be "corrected" after it pointed out privacy issues in the My Health Record system.

Well, most of them anyway.

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