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You Have Until Thursday Night To Make Sure You're Enrolled To Vote

The election campaign on Wednesday involved George Christensen's travel to the Philippines, the prime minister posing with some carrots, and both sides talking about Labor policies.

Angus Taylor Has Threatened To Sue Journalists For Sharing A Twitter Thread

Two prominent journalists have received legal letters from energy minister Angus Taylor.

Politicians Have Spent Another Day In The Field Trying To Appear Normal Before The Election

Healthcare spending, tax plans, and the Notre Dame cathedral fire dominated the agenda today, but no-one came up with a proper explanation for the way prime ministers sit in front of the TV.

I Regret To Inform You Another Australian Politician Has Eaten A Raw Onion

It's because there's an election going on, I think.

In News That Will Not Shock You: Tax And Peter Dutton Are Dominating Election Headlines

Friday saw the two main parties argue over Labor's tax policies and Dutton face criticism over his comments about his opponent Ali France.

The Election Has Been Called. Here's Everything You Need To Know

We've got five weeks of this, so strap in people.

The Prime Minister Has Delayed Calling The Election And Everyone Seems To Have Gone Mad

Imagine what's going to happen when the campaigning actually begins.

The "Egg Boy" Received A Police Caution Over Fraser Anning Incident

Victoria Police said the far-right Australian senator acted in "self-defence" when striking the teenager who broke an egg on his head.

A North Korean Man Who Has Lived In Australia For Over 20 Years Is Fighting Deportation

The man's case was heard in the Federal Court of Australia on Thursday. He says his drug convictions should not mean his visa is cancelled.

Not A Single Refugee Has Been Sent To Christmas Island Since The Detention Centre Was Reopened

The government said reopening the centre was vital after changes to refugee medical transfer laws — but nobody has been transferred there.

Please Enjoy These 15 Random Things We Found In This Year’s Budget

There was way more stuff about ants than I think any of us anticipated.

Scott Morrison Said Reopening Christmas Island Would Cost $1.4 Billion, But It Absolutely Won’t

The government plans to spend $185 million on reopening Christmas Island detention centre... and then closing it again.

The Government Says Youth Suicide Is A National Priority. Here’s What It’s Planning To Do About It

“It is a national tragedy that we lose so many people to suicide and that so many people live a life of quiet desperation.”

The Media Keep Saying Gladys Berejiklian Was Dux Of Her High School, But She Actually Wasn't

"The premier has never said she was the overall dux of her school," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

A Politician Told His Colleagues To "Shut Up" And It Was Actually The Most Mature Thing Anyone Said Or Did

A guy who is not the deputy prime minister announced he was the elected deputy prime minister and then it all kicked off.

Barnaby Joyce Just Got Dragged By His Boss

Joyce has sparked tensions within his own party with a push for more government support for coal power.

The Last Kids To Leave Nauru Were Greeted At The Airport By Australians Living In America

The last refugee children detained on Nauru flew to the United States this week. Here’s how one family started their new life in Colorado.

The Last Kids Held On Nauru Have Left The Island

The final four refugee children held on Nauru flew to the US for resettlement on Wednesday.

George Pell Was Found Guilty Of Sexual Abuse Two Months Ago. Here's Why We're Telling You Now

Here are the details on the suppression order barring reporting on George Pell's guilty verdict – and why several Australian journalists are now facing prosecution.

This “Dedicated And Loving Father Leading A Quiet Life” Spent Over 25 Years Using A False Identity

He said an older Australian man – dubbed Mr X – forced him to use the false identity after adopting him and taking away his Fijian passport.

Please Enjoy This Story About Toy Llamas And Australia's Strict Biosecurity Laws

This takes me back to the great Pistol and Boo saga of 2015, when an Australian government minister threatened to kill Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's dogs.

The Refugee Medevac Bill Brawl, By The Numbers

A huge fortnight in Australian politics has been dominated by debate on refugees, asylum seekers and border security. Here's what you should know.

The Government Spent $330,000 Funding A Sky News Program

Warren Mundine took the idea to Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion's office, which passed it on to the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, Senate Estimates heard on Friday.

Julie Bishop Won't Recontest Her Seat At The Next Election

Former Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop says she won't recontest her seat at the next election, because she thinks the government will win.

A Business That Got 17 Government-Paid Interns But Employed None Has Been Kicked Out Of The PaTH Program

JWM Communications got $17,000 from the government and has not responded to a request to pay the money back, Senate Estimates heard.

Australia Spent More Than $1 Million On Legal Battles Over Sick Refugees

In 34 cases, sick refugees and asylum seekers were only transferred following a court order.

Michaelia Cash Was Not Interviewed By Police About The AWU Raid Leak, Court Hears

When asked if she told police that her staff member had leaked to the media, Cash said "they did not ask".

After A Decade Of Failures, Aboriginal Leaders Are Optimistic About Closing The Gap

"You’ve got to do better. And we’ll try and help you do better now."

"Water Is Life": Aboriginal People Demand Climate Action In Parliament

"The water will die, the grass will die, the tree will die. There will be rocks and dirt, that’s all. There will be nothing left, not even birds."

Michaelia Cash's Staffer Worked With Michael Keenan's Office To Leak AWU Raids, Court Hears

BuzzFeed News broke the story last year that Keenan's office was involved.

A Win For Refugees, A Loss For The Government: Medical Transfer Changes To Become Law

Opposition and crossbench politicians in Australia teamed up to defeat the government and usher in changes to how refugees detained offshore receive medical treatment.

Scott Morrison Says He'll Reopen The Christmas Island Detention Centre

The Christmas Island centre closed late last year, after just over a decade of operation.

Pauline Hanson Alleges A Male Senator Sexually Harassed A Staffer

Under parliamentary privilege, Hanson said six staffers for the senator had been paid out for unfair dismissal in this term of parliament.

Scott Morrison Said He's Not Troubled By A Historic Defeat In The Lower House

Scott Morrison's response: "Votes will come and go. They do not trouble me."

Cash's Former Media Adviser Reveals Chief Of Staff Told Him Of AWU Raids

David De Garis has admitted to calling "several media outlets" ahead of the AFP raid on the AWU.

A Former Cash Staffer Is Refusing To Answer Questions About The AWU Raid Leaks

“I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me,” he told the court.

"I Don't Have Citizenship But Australia Is My Country": Hakeem Al-Araibi Returns Home

The refugee footballer was greeted by a large crowd at Melbourne airport on Tuesday.

Doctors Without Borders Was Kicked Out Of Nauru. Now It's Going To Treat Refugees Via Video

The international medical charity is launching a tele-health service to keep treating its former patients on Nauru.

"Broken Lives": The Banking Royal Commission Findings Are Finally Here

"Wrongdoing is not denounced by issuing a media release," commissioner Kenneth Hayne said.

All The Kids Are Leaving Nauru, But Hundreds Of Men And Women Remain

“It’s finally a win for humanity, but it shouldn’t have taken so long."

The Government Gave A $220,000 Grant To Warren Mundine For His Sky News Show

Warren Mundine is now the Liberal candidate for Gilmore at the upcoming federal election.

The Government Is Spending Nearly $7 Million To Recreate A Voyage Captain Cook Never Made

A replica of HMS Endeavour will spend 14 months circumnavigating Australia to mark the 250th anniversary of Cook's first voyage.

Here's What You Need To Know About How Negative Gearing Affects Your Rent

The Coalition says Labor's negative gearing policy will push up rents. Labor says it won't.

Clive Palmer Is Texting People To Tell Them He'll Stop Political Parties Texting People

The businessman and political party leader has sent millions of unsolicited text messages to Australians in the past week.

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