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The Government Asked Asylum Seekers About Their Sex Lives, Then Fought To Keep The Interviews Secret

A government employee asked two asylum seekers for intimate details. The government didn't want you to know about it.

The First Medevac Report Shows An “Unbelievably High” Number Of Mental Health Admissions

Exclusive: A government report has revealed the “unbelievably high” rate of medical admissions for refugees suffering mental illness on Nauru.

Here's How Much Effort Border Force Is Putting Into Recruiting You

Australian Border Force gave me 107 pages of documents about this 700-word article.

It's Albo Vs ScoMo: Anthony Albanese To Become Labor's New Leader

If you have a go, you'll get either Albo or ScoMo.

Chris Bowen on Tuesday: I'm In. Chris Bowen on Wednesday: I'm Out

Anthony Albanese is currently the only contestant in the race to replace Bill Shorten as opposition leader.

Here's What Tony Abbott Had To Say About Losing His Seat

Tony Abbott spoke on Saturday evening after losing his seat to Zali Steggall.

Tony Abbott Has Lost His Seat

Independent Zali Steggall unseated Abbott, who was prime minister from 2013 to 2015.

This Is How Hard It Is For Remote Australians To Cast A Vote

For the last few weeks, candidates, campaigners and the AEC have been criss-crossing the Northern Territory in a huge logistical effort.

Can You Guess These Election Candidates' Star Signs?

Is this the dawning of the age of Aquarius?


Can You Match The Election Quote To The Politician?

Who said it? Take the quiz and find out how much attention you've been paying to the 2019 Australian election.

We Asked Young People What They Thought Of Headspace

"You can understand if you're the local MP and there's an election coming and you can announce, 'I've got a headspace in my electorate', that looks great."


The Election Is Just About Here And Everybody Is Getting Real Nervous

Prime minister Scott Morrison called the Greens "a very dangerous fringe party".

Hello World, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Australia’s Election

The country that got a new prime minister only nine months ago is heading back to the polls.

This Tiny Remote Town Asked Tony Abbott For Better Housing — And Were Surprised When It Actually Arrived

After years of waiting for new housing, Borroloola residents credit Tony Abbott with taking action.

Kids In This Remote Community Are Wandering The Streets At Night And Sleeping For Hours At School Because Of Their Houses

In the remote community of Borroloola in the Northern Territory, some people say housing is the most important issue at the federal election.

Tony Abbott Declares Labor Has A Better Climate Change Policy Than The Coalition

We've got just three sleeps until the election, but there's still plenty going on.

Paul Keating Calls For Voters To "Drive A Political Stake" Through Peter Dutton's "Dark Political Heart"

The former Labor prime minister delivered the scathing attack on the home affairs minister as the election campaign became more hectic and intense, less than a week from polling day.

12 Bake Sale Classics That Practically Scream AusPol

Because voting day is always sweeter with a $2.50 caramel slice in hand.

Bill Shorten Receives Rockstar Welcome While Twitter Gets Confused Over PM's “Promise Of Australia”

Look, Scott Morrison had a go. Or he got a go. Wait, is he getting a go? Is it a fair go for those who keep their promises?

Just 19 Absurd Things That Happened This Week On The Election Campaign

The election is next week and things are getting serious. Except, they also aren't.

Australian Politicians Are Now Trying To Explain Memes. Please Can We Just Have The Election Already

If the endless slog of an election campaign wasn't hard enough, politicians now have to compete with a new royal baby and impossible sporting comebacks for our attention.

Bill Shorten Gives Emotional Press Conference After Newspaper Story About His Mother

The Labor leader called the Daily Telegraph's story about his mother "a new low".

Kevin Rudd And Julia Gillard Were The Divorced Parents At Labor's Campaign Launch And This Isn't Awkward At All

*rocking back and forth* It's OK, the election is next week, It's OK, the election is next week...

Just 29 Absurd Things That Happened This Week On The Election Campaign

Well done everyone, but especially well done Angus.

Just 11 Pictures Of Scott Morrison Having A Go To Get A Go

The prime minister is a firm believer in having a go. And getting a go.

Please Enjoy This Wood Carving Of Scott Morrison's Face And Other Tales From The Campaign Trail

We've got 16 days to go, come on everyone — we can do this.

Another Day, Another Bunch Of Weird And Gross Old Posts From People Running For Election

A Liberal candidate was disendorsed over his anti-Muslim comments, another resigned over anti-gay remarks, and a Labor candidate apologised over rape jokes.

A Strip Club Visit, A Resignation, A Very Weird Debate: Here's What's Happening In Election 2019

The federal election campaign has decided to give Game of Thrones a run for its money in terms of drama.

Clive Palmer Calls Newspoll "Fake News" While Boasting He's Worth "$4,000 Million"

I guess we've got three weeks of the Palmer Show now folks.

"It's A Terrible River": Murray-Darling Gets The Blame For Political Troubles

Ex-pollie calls famous river "very poor", while Tony Abbott sees red over Speedo piss-take.

Here's Why The Government Lost A Day Of Election Campaigning To A Story About Water

After taking off the gloves over Easter, our politicians are back in campaign mode. We are concerned about the PM's head.

You Have Until Thursday Night To Make Sure You're Enrolled To Vote

The election campaign on Wednesday involved George Christensen's travel to the Philippines, the prime minister posing with some carrots, and both sides talking about Labor policies.

Angus Taylor Has Threatened To Sue Journalists For Sharing A Twitter Thread

Two prominent journalists have received legal letters from energy minister Angus Taylor.

Politicians Have Spent Another Day In The Field Trying To Appear Normal Before The Election

Healthcare spending, tax plans, and the Notre Dame cathedral fire dominated the agenda today, but no-one came up with a proper explanation for the way prime ministers sit in front of the TV.

I Regret To Inform You Another Australian Politician Has Eaten A Raw Onion

It's because there's an election going on, I think.

In News That Will Not Shock You: Tax And Peter Dutton Are Dominating Election Headlines

Friday saw the two main parties argue over Labor's tax policies and Dutton face criticism over his comments about his opponent Ali France.

The Election Has Been Called. Here's Everything You Need To Know

We've got five weeks of this, so strap in people.

The Prime Minister Has Delayed Calling The Election And Everyone Seems To Have Gone Mad

Imagine what's going to happen when the campaigning actually begins.

The "Egg Boy" Received A Police Caution Over Fraser Anning Incident

Victoria Police said the far-right Australian senator acted in "self-defence" when striking the teenager who broke an egg on his head.

A North Korean Man Who Has Lived In Australia For Over 20 Years Is Fighting Deportation

The man's case was heard in the Federal Court of Australia on Thursday. He says his drug convictions should not mean his visa is cancelled.

Not A Single Refugee Has Been Sent To Christmas Island Since The Detention Centre Was Reopened

The government said reopening the centre was vital after changes to refugee medical transfer laws — but nobody has been transferred there.

Please Enjoy These 15 Random Things We Found In This Year’s Budget

There was way more stuff about ants than I think any of us anticipated.

Scott Morrison Said Reopening Christmas Island Would Cost $1.4 Billion, But It Absolutely Won’t

The government plans to spend $185 million on reopening Christmas Island detention centre... and then closing it again.

The Government Says Youth Suicide Is A National Priority. Here’s What It’s Planning To Do About It

“It is a national tragedy that we lose so many people to suicide and that so many people live a life of quiet desperation.”

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