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Rich People Will Soon Be Able To Buy Fake Meteor Showers On Demand

In the latest scheme of the booming private space industry, a Japanese company proposes to light up the night with made-to-order shooting stars. But some experts worry about space clutter, and the scary consequences of these artificial meteors hitting important satellites.

The Supermoon Is A Lie

Today's moon is a little bit bigger and a little bit brighter than normal, but you probably won't be able to see that with your eyes, sorry.

Famous Astronomer Accused Of Sexual Harassment At His Previous Job, Too

Last week, astronomer Geoff Marcy was pressured into resigning from the University of California at Berkeley because of a record of sexual harassment. Now three women from his prior posting at San Francisco State University say he sexually harassed students there as well.

Astronomers Clash Over A Giant Telescope On A Sacred Hawaiian Mountain

Construction stopped Tuesday on the $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope in the face of protests from Hawaiians who believe its location is sacred. The fight has astronomers asking whether a pristine view of the stars trumps the beliefs of people on the ground.

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