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Gabrielle Giffords Votes To Pass The Debt Bill In Surprise Return

No matter how you feel about the debt bill drama, at least everyone can agree that this moment was awesome. Making a surprise return to the House of Representatives, her first since being gravely wounded in the Tuscon shooting spree, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords drew thunderous applause from members of both parties and voted for the debt bill. By all accounts, she looked great and there wasn't a dry eye in the House. The bill passed 269-161.

Rupert Murdoch Apologizes

Rupert Murdoch took out full page ads in all of Britain's major newspapers today to apologize for the phone hacking scandal which is threatening to bring down his media empire. Initial reaction falls squarely under "too little, too late."

45 More Photos Of The Riots In Greece

Despite massive and often violent protests against them, severe austerity measures have been passed by the Greek parliament. This paves the way for emergency bailout loans from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund that are intended to prevent a total collapse of Greece's economy and stabilize global markets. Here are some more photos from the ongoing riots that have erupted in the streets of Athens as a response to the painful budget cuts.

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