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Ariana Grande

Here's What Went Down On The First Night Of Ariana Grande's "Sweetener" Tour

The opening night included emotional performances, a subtle tribute to Mac Miller, and a ton of incredible vocals.

Ben Henry • 2 hours ago
Ellie Bate • 2 hours ago

Here's Your Weekly Pop Culture Quiz — How Well Can You Do?

Social blackouts, Starbucks, and more.


It's Time We Talked About Bicycle Seat Face

*dings bicycle bell on my way to see your man*

Ariana Grande's Starbucks Drink Isn't Vegan And People Are Seriously Confused

"A LOT of people came to my store today thinking it was vegan."


Make A Salad And We'll Tell You Which Song From "Thank U, Next" You Should Stream

You should really stream the entire album, but let's start with one song first.


Taylor Swift Opened Up About Her “Biggest Fears,” Including Stalkers And Her Fans’ Safety

Swift painted a terrifying picture of how her fame has impacted her personal sense of security, revealing she carries dressings to treat gunshot and stab wounds.


9 Talk Show Moments From This Week You Seriously Need To Know About

Everything from the Oscars and X-Men to The Bachelor and "Thank U, Next."


29 Black Woman Singers You'll Love If You Love Vocals

Put some respect on black women's vocals.

Die 25 abgrundtief schlimmsten Ohrwürmer in der Geschichte der Ohrwürmer

Ach, den Song hattest du schon fast vergessen? Hahahaha. Pech gehabt.

Ariana Grande Has Defended Herself After Being Accused Of Exploiting The LGBTQ Community

"There's room for us to talk about these issues without equating a performance for an LGBTQ audience with the exploitation of the LGBTQ community."

26 Very Random Things I Learned From Stalking Ariana Grande's Instagram Stories

I spent my time going through two years of Ariana Grande's Instagram story history and here are my findings.

28 Ariana Grande Instagrams That Show How Much Has Changed Since 2012

Now she's the most-followed woman on Instagram!

Ariana Grande Is Now The Most Popular Woman On Instagram

Selena has held the position since 2016.


Only Real Arianators Can Name All Of The Music Videos That These Scenes Are From

So you think you're a real Arianator, huh?? Prove it!


Tell Us Your Ariana Grande Opinions And We'll Reveal Which Type Of Soup You Are

"[I'm] miso for sure. But also it might depend on the time of year." — Ariana Grande


Which Ariana Grande Album Are You?

Find out which Ariana Grande album you are most like

Ariana Grande Fans Are Boycotting "7 Rings" And She's Like "Stop It RN"

"Whoever is still streaming '7 Rings', I hope you choke..."

Ariana Grande And Dua Lipa Are Joining Pop Culture’s Lesbian Lookalike Party

Doppelgänger imagery sometimes reduces queerness to a symbol or fetish — but subverting that trope can be a way to consider the link between self-recognition and desire.


Ariana Grande Accidentally Spilled Tea On Her Relationship With Pete Davidson While Discussing Secrets About "Thank U, Next"

Ariana revealed a whole host of juicy details about the track in a brand new interview.

Taylor Swift And Ariana Grande Stans Are At War Over The Grammys

Things kicked off after Ariana won the category in which both she and Taylor were nominated.

Ariana Grande's Grammys Dress May Have Been A Mac Miller Tribute And Fans Are Emotional

The Cinderella comparison immediately made fans emotional.

Do You Agree With These Grammy Winners?

Justice for your faves!


Only A Major Pop Culture Fan Can Get 5/8 On This Week's Quiz

Birthdays, the Biebs, and the BAFTAs!

Ariana Grande Won Her First-Ever Grammy Award Despite Skipping The Show Because Of A Fight With Producers

After her win for best pop vocal album, Grande tweeted simply, "Fuck."

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