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Ariana Grande

Thank you, but next.

Ryan Schocket • 5 hours ago

"People who come in and out of your life." — Nikki Bella 👀

«Thank u, NEXT»

CynicaShif • 8 hours ago

"Sorry to the boys who had to suffer reading this tweet." Lol ok.

The second, more extensive behind-the-scenes video for the “Thank U, Next” shoot also comes complete with a fun story from Grande’s Nickelodeon days.

"True love might exist I was just hungry."


Your daily dose of seasonal joy!



From "Thank U, Next" to The Haunting of Hill House and everything in-between!

The blocking comes just a day after he released a statement about feeling bullied and suicidal.

Everyone from Lady Gaga to Cardi B to Ariana Grande to Beyoncé is on this list.

Sam Stryker • 12 hours ago

Wow at this Troye Sivan erasure.

There's been so much good music this year!


"Thank u, NEXT"


Regina George? Elle Woods? Torrance Shipman? Jenna Rink?

"I care deeply about Pete and his health."

Why is this so accurate?

What's going on here?

Do better, y'all.

Ariana's "8418" tattoo, which Pete also has inked on his arm, looks like it's been replaced with the name of Mac Miller's dog, Myron.


You're guaranteed to have an amazing time.


Don't you miss 2007?


Comebacks, cameos, and so much more.


The two greatest musicians of our time.


Be still my rom-com loving heart!

“I’ve done a lot of Ariana Grande videos and hers were always a big moment, but this felt very, very special.”


They're ALL legendary so there's no bad result.


Thank u, next 👋

“If you’re going to do this, you’re going to do it right and you’re going to do it big. Ariana did exactly that.”

This music video is like the "Bend and Snap" — works every time!

More than 800,000 people watched Grande’s new music video the second it hit YouTube.

Queen Ari really blessed us with this reunion.

You're doing amazing, sweetie.

I'm so fucking thankful for this video!


The video, which Grande has teased for what seems like forever, features parodies of Legally Blonde and Mean Girls, among other classic movies from the 2000s.

"Why is there no Black Friday for bills?"


Thank u, next.

She (bent and) snapped.

"Everyone on this side knows he deserves [respect] and wishes him well."

Is drama a carb?


Would you rather listen to X or ÷?

The most anticipated music video of the year.


It may have been Thanksgiving, but pop culture news never takes a holiday!

"Everything I feel is valid."

Burn Book? Tick. Blonde wig? Tick. Wig? Snatched.

"You're v missed."


"I'm so f*ckin' grateful..."

This is about to get deep.

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