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Apple Music

Apple Acquires Shazam, The Music-Recognition App

Apple confirmed Monday that it is acquiring Shazam, the popular app that can identify any song, TV show, movie, or ad by listening to a few seconds of it.

Inside Apple Music's Second Act

A year into its battle for users — and the trust of record labels — the most talked-about company in music sheds a light on what's working, what's not, and its controversial plan to shape the industry's future.

Taylor Swift's "1989" Will Not Be On Apple Music

The technology giant could not secure the rights to Swift's latest blockbuster, which will remain unavailable on any streaming service, BuzzFeed News has learned. UPDATED: Swift spoke out against Apple Music's payment policy, prompting the company to change course.

The End Of Album Privilege

Six months after Billboard's Top Albums chart opened the door to tracks and streams, the album has been bumped from its perch at the top of music’s food chain.

Can Apple Fix Music Again?

Apple Music's real competitor isn't Spotify, but years of diverging consumer trends.

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