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Drop Everything And Watch This Live Kitten Cam!

Animal Planet's Too Cute! and the Washington Animal Rescue League have teamed up to bring you this live, 24-hour kitten camera THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Or at the very least vastly improve your Friday. The kittens are adoptable! Which one do you love the most?


Whale Puke, Cat Poop And Other Bizarre Perfume Ingredients

Reality television producers are looking for the “Indiana Jones of perfume” to scour exotic locales for perfume ingredients for an Animal Planet show. This might actually be a hit.


Puppy Bowl Behind The Scenes: Puppies!!!

We've shared our backstage photos from Animal Planet's Piglet Pep Squad and the Kitten Halftime Show with you and now it's time for THE PUPPY portion of the Puppy Bowl! Hold on to your hats, because there is an absurd amount of cute on the field.

Puppy Bowl Behind The Scenes: Piglet Pep Squad

For the first time ever, a Piglet Pep Squad will take to the field during Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. BuzzFeed was granted backstage access and got to hang out with piglet stars Bubbles, Hank, Beulah, Khalessa and Othello, which was way cuter than we were prepared for.

Puppy Bowl Behind The Scenes: Kitten Halftime Show

The Puppy Bowl is nearly upon us, and you know what that means...Kitten Halftime Show! BuzzFeed was granted backstage access to the taping of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, and it's just as impossibly cute in person as you might expect.


Puppies Vs. Babies Is An Actual Show!

Animal Planet is finally addressing the puppy/baby culture war that has been tearing our society apart. And they are doing it in a scientific, dispassionate way that addresses the controversy around this hot-button topic with neither squeamishness nor sensationalism. This may be the most important show ever to air on American television. Also, I am in the show. Let's have a look:

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