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Animal Abuse

Thug Swings Cat By Its Tail [NSFL]

Here's shocking video from Kent of a thug swinging a cat around by its tail. The cat's owner reports that the Mowgli has physically recovered, but remains traumatized. Let's hope they catch this guy and swing HIM around upside-down for a while.


Gruesome Iowa Pork Investigation

Animal rights group Mercy for Animals continue their run of really disturbing undercover investigations. This one's a look at one of America's largest pork distributors - Select Farms, in Iowa. More info on this story at ABC News. (Via Matt)


Puppy-Throwing Girl Caught In Bosnia

Bosnian police have identified the Puppy-throwing girl. After a video of a teenage girl throwing live puppies into a river was circulated online, Internet vigilantes went to work seeking clues about her identity. Armed with this information, police in the Bosnian town of Bugojno have identified the girl (a minor), who faces a $6,400 fine for animal cruelty.

Mary Bale: Cat-Binner Found, Not Arrested

This crazy lady threw an innocent cat into a bin and briskly walked away, sending the internet into an uproar. Authorities are not taking action because no criminal offence was committed. UPDATE: Her name is Mary Bale, and she has apologized.


A very surreal and captivating animated short, created by EB. It's hard to tell whether the ending is happy or sad.

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