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Andrew Sullivan


Anderson Cooper Officially Comes Out As Gay

"The fact is, I'm gay." In an e-mail to Andrew Sullivan, published with permission, Anderson Cooper confirms what has long been rumored.

A Family Tradition: Another Pet Defies Death On Romney Road Trip

"our fearless sidekick. this fish has cheated death more times than i can remember," Craig Romney wrote on his 2009 road trip blog. Andrew Sullivan has many questions: "Did it eventually travel inside the truck? Did they strap it to the roof and have it constantly sprayed with water? Did they just suspend it from the bumper, Clark Griswold style, because it enjoyed the view?"

Conservatives Hit Back At Newsweek

Newsweek baited conservatives this week with Andrew Sullivan's cover article asking why Obama's critics are "so dumb." Benjamin Kruse hits back with this mockup.

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