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  • 111 Reasons Why I’ll Miss BuzzFeed

    This is my last day of work at BuzzFeed as I’m living the 1969 dream and moving to San Francisco to ride motorcycles and eat burritos on the beach. It’s been one of the most fun, weird, wonderful years of my life and I will miss these guys immensely. Here’s some of the shenanigans we got up to.

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    Am I Wearing A Dress?

    Inspired by Amy Sly’s Am I Wearing Pants? flowchart, my friend Keeli and I created the spin-off Am I Wearing a Dress? to help girls avoid leaving the house in dresses that aren’t quite, well, dresses. After seeing a girl at a Lone Star Chili Cook-off who seemed to think her tunic was actually a dress, we felt the need to sound the alarm to confused women everywhere. Yes, I live in NYC where almost anything goes and the outfits rarely fail to entertain, but I can’t stand by and support seeing flashes of lady parts as girls parade down Park Ave in “dresses” that don’t quite cover themselves (oh, it’s happened). Read More ›