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Amanda Palmer


7 Times Amanda Palmer Pissed People Off

Musician Amanda Palmer inspired outrage with her poem for alleged terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, but it's not the first time she's riled people up. Here's a look at some of her past controversies, and how fans and critics responded.

Amanda Palmer Plays #OccupyBoston

Further proof that Amanda Palmer rules. In addition to stopping by Liberty Plaza today last week, she stopped by #OccupyBoston. Here's her parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday" from the "point of view of a hooker at a truckstop", played on the ukulele.

Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer Raise $88K In 2 Days

Literary-and-music power-couple Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer launched a campaign to fund a Halloween-timed West Coast tour via Kickstarter, offering shiny packages for backers. Their goal was $20K, but in just over 48 hours, they've more than quadrupled that. That is a lot of social media ROI!

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