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Andrew Yang Wants The Support Of The Pro-Trump Internet. Now It Is Threatening To Devour Him.

After Andrew Yang caught the attention of Reddit and 4chan, his campaign leaned into it. Now those same communities are leading a harassment campaign against his deputy chief of staff.

Devils' Advocate: Meet The Lawyer Fighting To Keep Nazis And Trolls On Twitter

Lawyer Mark Randazza is a free speech crusader for some of the internet's vilest characters, who have run afoul of social networks. Is he fighting for a time-tested principle, or an American dogma that has run its course?

The Mormon Church And The Exorcism Of The Far Right

While far-right movements have been emboldened in the wake of Trump’s election, the Mormon church has pushed back on ultra-conservative groups rising within the religion.

I Went To A Conference Full Of Conservatives Who Hated My Guts — And Told Me So

The organizers of The Rebel Live weren’t interested in having a conversation, but they seemed happy to hurl slurs and insults.

How The Alt-Right Manipulates The Internet’s Biggest Commenting Platform

The commenting giant Disqus has said repeatedly that it doesn’t allow hate speech. But its platform is overrun with trolls, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis.

This Is How Racist Trolls Partially Shaped "Dear White People" Season 2

"There were death threats on Twitter for me and my writers," said show creator Justin Simien, who channeled the backlash into one of Season 2’s strongest storylines.

Richard Spencer's Website Has Been Pulled Offline By GoDaddy

"It is our determination that crossed the line and encouraged and promoted violence in a direct and threatening manner," a GoDaddy spokesperson said.

The Far Right Is Freaking Out Over Kanye West's Tweets About Donald Trump

"It's the return of Americana and not being a coward and having your own internal compass," conspiracy theorist Alex Jones said of West's tweets.

Facebook Said Hate Groups Aren't Allowed On The Site. Now It Has Shut Down White Nationalist Richard Spencer's Accounts

The pages were booted from Facebook just days after CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social network wouldn't tolerate hate groups. His Instagram account was also taken down.

Bumble Just Kicked Off A Pro-Trump Media Personality As Part Of Its "Stance Against Hate"

Bumble confirmed the account was tied to his real Facebook. But Posobiec denies he has ever had an account on the feminist dating app.

This Is How Steve Bannon And Breitbart Tried To Sabotage Twitter

For more than a year before he became Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Steve Bannon sought to wage war against Twitter, tasking Milo Yiannopoulos and other Breitbart News employees to look into editorial, financial, and legal ways they could harm the Jack Dorsey–led social network.

This Guy Is Trying To Lead The White Nationalist Movement In Canada

The Canadian Nationalist Party wants to oust Trudeau with far-right politics.

Inside The Secret Facebook Group Of Quebec's Far-Right "Wolf Pack"

Much of La Meute's purported membership list is bogus, BuzzFeed News has uncovered.

Twitter Has Permanently Banned Alt-Right Troll Baked Alaska

Tim Gionet, better known by his Twitter handle @BakedAlaska, rose to prominence during the 2016 election as a far-right internet troll.

Here's How A False Conspiracy Theory About The Texas Shooter Being Antifa Went Viral

Tweets with false reporting, a doctored screenshot, and a boost from Google.

Here's How A Picture Of Protesters Became A Misleading Far-Right Story

A photo taken out of context became fuel for misinformation.

Cet homme a passé 20 ans à financer l'extrême droite américaine. Avec Trump, ça commence enfin à payer

William Regnery II, un multi-millionnaire, s'est évertué quinze ans durant à bâtir un mouvement politique raciste, sans succès. Jusqu'à l'avènement d'un homme: Donald Trump.

These 16 Books Explain White Supremacy In The US

The Charlottesville rally has thrust white supremacy into headlines. These are the books, recommended by leading scholars, that will help you understand its history and effects.

Twitter Grapples With "Verified" White Supremacists As Other Tech Companies Crack Down On Hate Speech

Twitter casts itself as a forum for free speech. But after a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, many wonder why the social network continues to verify accounts that promote hate speech.

It Really Doesn't Sound Like Trump Called White Supremacists And The Alt-Right "Us"

Though Trump defended white supremacists at an event at Trump Tower, it sounds like he didn't refer to himself as part of their group.

The Mormon Church Has Explicitly Condemned White Supremacism

The condemnation comes as a community of far-right Mormons grew their online influence by sharing white supremacist content.

16 Things To Help You Understand What Happened In Charlottesville

These stories provide some crucial context.

Here's What We Know About The Man Accused Of Killing A Woman At A White Supremacist Rally

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was arrested on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Far-Right Activists Are Stealing Tricks From YouTubers And It's Going To Get People Hurt

A small group of far-right activists have figured out how to manipulate the media with viral stunts — and it’s getting more and more dangerous.

A Bunch Of Racist Posters Were Plastered Around This Neighborhood And Now Police Are Investigating

"This is the kind of chicanery that spoiled rotten 12-year-old boys do when they don't have a decent babysitter."

Meet The (Alt-Right) Mormons: Inside The Church's Vocal White Nationalist Wing

While many Mormons have rejected Trump's brand of conservatism, a subculture within the church is cheering for the president and pushing for a whiter, more nationalistic future.

I Created A Secret Twitter Account To Follow The Alt Right

My research project for the Open Lab is to study the alt-right through digital ethnography, and that means going to where they are.

The Far Right's Most Common Memes Explained For Normal People

So you can identify them when you see them out there online.

A Network Of Teenagers Appear To Be Running Hundreds Of Fake EDL Twitter Accounts

A 19-year-old student who claims to be running one of the account says it's just another form of shitposting. WARNING: The post contains graphic content.

Here's Why There's Anime Fan Art Of President Trump All Over Your Facebook

Here's how Japan's infamous online army, the netto-uyoku, has shaped the far-right movement in America.


Are You A Special Snowflake?

Are you made out of condensed water vapour, or do you like racism?

25 Tweets That Will Make You Say "So Much For The Tolerant Left"

"The so-called 'tolerant left' motioned as if they threw the ball, but when I ran to where the ball should have been, there was no ball."

George Christensen Has Spoken To An Anti-Aboriginal, Homophobic Podcast

The prime minister's office has been asked if Malcolm Turnbull endorses one of his colleagues appearing on the show.

These Furries Want You To Know They Hate Fascism Too

The groups are looking to support minorities and combat the rise of fascism within the furry community.

Australia's Alt-Right Is Using Q&A As A Megaphone For Its Agenda

Four tweets from the alt-right have appeared on screen in the last two weeks.

Meet The “Good Trolls” Secretly Spying On Trump Supporters And Neo-Nazis

“My grandmother was a niece of polish Jews. So I have no time for Nazis really,” one user told BuzzFeed News.

This Is What Happens When Alt-Right Trolls Get Your Phone Number

"I've never had so many people tell me that they wanted to see me die." WARNING: This post contains graphic content.

"Bad Feminist" Author Pulls Book From Simon & Schuster Over Milo Yiannopoulous Controversy

Roxane Gay pulled her forthcoming book How to Be Heard from Simon & Schuster over Milo Yiannopoulous's $250,000 book deal with the publisher.

Trump Supporters And Neo-Nazis Are Using Secret Chatrooms To Harass Shia LaBeouf

This article contains offensive language and graphic images.

A Top White Supremacist's New Neighbors Are Not Very Happy He's Moved To Town

White nationalist Richard Spencer has rented space in Alexandria, Virginia. Some local residents are not pleased.

Here's The Background To That Viral "Nazi Punch" Video

"I don’t think this is a good place for you to be; maybe you should go?"

Student Claims To Discover "Fake Book" With Alt-Right Materials In Columbia University Library

The university is investigating reports that a student found a hollowed-out book containing materials associated with the anti-democratic "Dark Enlightenment" movement in the school library.

How Electronic Music Made By Neo-Nazis Soundtracks The Alt-Right

"Fashwave," the sound of young white nationalism.

16 Alt-Right Christmas Carols

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas."

Hundreds Protest White Nationalist's Speech At Texas University

"We've got to define what this continent means," Richard Spencer told a crowd gathered at Texas A&M. "America at the end of the day belongs to white men."

15 People Donald Trump Has Absolutely 100% Picked For His Cabinet, Yes Siree

Your first look at the new administration in full.

Twitter Cracks Down, Banning Prominent Alt-Right Accounts

The company goes to war with the trolls.

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