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Air Force One

29 Movies That Are Turning The Big 2-0 In 2017

Yes, these movies were released two decades ago and not 10 years ago (although it may feel like it).

Donald Trump Landed His Plane To The "Air Force One" Movie Theme

"GET OFF MY PLANE!" — Harrison Ford/Donald Trump.

Why Samuel L. Jackson Is Playing The U.S. President As A Wimp

In Big Game, an action film that recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, Jackson's U.S. president cannot throw a punch. But that is not an (intentional) dig at Obama.

White House Photographer Joins Instagram And It's Amazing

Pete Souza launched his Instagram account on Wednesday and already has over 19,000 followers.

Obama Lost WiFi Right Before Marriage Equality Rulings Were Announced

The president had to be told by phone about the landmark rulings after Air Force One lost internet access.

Obama To Hit The Trail On A Mission To Revive Gun Control Fight

Gun control groups, White House prepare to step up the fight with legislation on the table

25 Best Fictional Presidents And The Actors Who Played Them

After months of careful deliberation, here are the official rankings, judged on the grounds of believability, badassness, dance moves, and foreign policy.

Republican Candidate Plays President

Boehner-backed Jason Plummer, running in Illinois, had some fun in the Oval Office and on Air Force One. Update: or the Reagan Library.

Mitt Romney's New Soundtrack: "Air Force One"

Subtle. Mitt Romney's campaign bus rolled into a rally in Craig, Colorado today to the score from the 1997 classic Air Force One.

How The White House Smothered The News Of Obama's Trip To Afghanistan

How the White House played whack-a-mole, and why I deleted my tweet. Drudge wouldn't budge.

Republican National Committee Files Complaint Over Obama Travel

Republicans accuse Obama of misusing government funds for his reelection campaign.

Aggravure - the Art of Staples

Baptiste Debombourg made this mural of Icarus (called “Air Force One”) with 35,000 staples. Which is a lot of staples.

Air Force One Two

...And then, after he got off his plane, he held a press conference to clear a few things up.

Air Force One & The Statue of Liberty

Since the White House won't release those embarrassing publicity photos of Air Force One from the other day, here's the next best thing.

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