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Ai Weiwei

Ten Times Ai WeiWei Has Been A Hero

Chinese artist Ai WeiWei is all over the news this week after he cancelled an exhibition to protest new Danish laws allowing authorities to confiscate valuables from refugees. But who is Ai WeiWei? Here are ten times he's been a hero.


Occupy Wall Streeter Calls Ai Weiwei Selfish For Not Liking Occupy Wall Street Enough

This is the same Ai Weiwei who was arrested by the Chinese government for his human rights activism, so, dare he not be more involved. From an MSNBC live chat with the outspoken artist, who still faces threat of imprisonment for his struggle against the repressive regime. A commenter named Angelina didn't think Ai was sufficiently reverential in his response about OWS. This is infuriating.

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