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Read This Excerpt From The Unsettling New Novel “My Absolute Darling”

In this excerpt from Gabriel Tallent's debut novel My Absolute Darling, 14-year-old Turtle encounters two lost teenage boys in the wilderness.

People Are Disturbed By This Video Of A Weeping Child Being Abused While Studying Math

In the video, the child complains of having a headache as she cries bitterly, but the teacher intimidates and even slaps her, forcing her to continue the lesson.

Too Many Of India's Young Boys Suffer Sexual Abuse And Our Silence Is Criminal

We don't do enough to teach young Indian boys that they are vulnerable. Pehredaar Piya Ki is making matters worse by normalising predatory relationships.

Twitter Is Still Dismissing Harassment Reports And Frustrating Victims

Even with a sharper focus on abuse in 2017, a concerning number of reports of clear-cut harassment still seem to slip through the cracks.

Profile Picture Robbery Is So Bad In India That Facebook Is Letting People Block Screenshots

That shiny blue shield isn't going to stop creepy exes, though.

Few Complaints Of Sexual Abuse Inside Immigrant Detention Centers Are Investigated, Report Finds

Federal officials investigated just 225 out of 33,126 complaints of sexual and physical abuse in immigration detention centers, an advocacy group found.

This Woman Tweeted About A Man Who Sent Her Lewd Messages, After Which He Was Fired And Deported

"A lesson for those who harass us, [we] will drag you out of your ratholes."

Google Says A YouTube Video Claiming Jews Admit "White Genocide" Isn't Hate Speech

Google, Facebook, and Twitter were accused of creating "platforms for racists" in a bruising Westminster hearing today.

Milo Yiannopoulos Calls Abuse Victims "Whinging, Selfish Brats" In A Newly Emerged Video

A video has resurfaced of the former Breitbart senior editor attacking survivors of clerical abuse and falsely asserting that there is a "disproportionate overlap" between gay men and paedophiles.

DU Professors Wrote A Heartfelt Note Backing Gurmehar Kaur And Her Right To "Express Her Opinion"

20-year-old Kaur has decided to take some time off social media after she received rape threats and was trolled for her comments on the Ramjas college violence.

ICE Arrested An Undocumented Woman Moments After She Obtained A Domestic Violence Protective Order

An attorney said her alleged abuser may have been the one who tipped off immigration agents.

This Deputy Sheriff Says He Might Support Decriminalizing Domestic Abuse "For Second Offenses"

The Facebook comments by an Oklahoma deputy sheriff came in response to Russia passing a new law decriminalizing domestic violence cases where “substantial bodily harm” does not occur.

Twitter Tackles Trolls With Three New Anti-Harassment Features

The company announces changes to timeline and search designed to hide "potentially abusive or low-quality" tweets and a policy update intended to crack down on abusive accounts from repeat offenders.

Diese Familie hat mithilfe von YouTube ein Haus gebaut

Und ich kann nicht mal einen Ikea-Schrank aufbauen.

Twitter Reinstates Woman Who Tweeted Screenshots Of Her Trolls' Abuse

Twitter suspended Alexandra Brodsky's account after she tweeted the anti-Semitic images trolls sent her.

Martin Shkreli And The Case For Twitter Transparency

Every suspension enforced by Twitter sets a precedent. Its users deserve to know why.

Women Are Sharing Their Stories Of Sexual Assault After Bengaluru's NYE "Night Of Shame"

"A guy in at a club in Goa groped me from behind and told me that my lips were perfect for a blow job and then followed me around asking for one."

As Castro Is Laid To Rest, Cubans Reveal Fears Of His Government

"No freedom for speaking up," said one Cuban, who was only willing to speak anonymously for fear of being jailed. "People of the government is not good."

Thousands Are Loving This Woman's Story About Leaving A Loveless Arranged Marriage

"I wasn’t scared or sad, I had never felt so strong in my entire life. After all I had been through I knew I could handle any kind of situation."

My Sister's Abusive Marriage Was Never About Me

Accepting that I couldn’t force my sister out of her violent relationship was the best thing I could do for both of us.

Concerns Raised Over Videos Of Bullying Being Shared "Like Wildfire" Online

Community groups in east London warn the circulation of the "disturbing" footage could cause additional harm including revenge attacks.

Twitter Says This ISIS Beheading Photo Doesn't Qualify As Abuse

According to Twitter’s rules, “you may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.”

This Guy Wants All Men To Recognise The Link Between Gender Inequality And Family Violence

"Niki is dead and nothing we do leads to another outcome so I would rather other families not go through that experience."

How My Boyfriend Used My Weight To Keep Me With Him

An abusive ex convinced me he was special because he celebrated my not-thin body. When I lost weight, he lost his leverage over me.

Labour MP Deluged With "25,000 Pieces Of Abuse From Corbyn Supporters"

Ruth Smeeth said: "He should be naming and shaming some of the worst perpetrators who are doing it in his name."

Leslie Jones Had The Perfect Analogy To Describe Her Abuse On Twitter

"What scared me was the injustice of a gang of people jumping against me for such a sick cause."

Chrissy Teigen Called Out Twitter's User Support In Solidarity With Leslie Jones

"Maybe I'll quit everything, move up to San Fran and sit at Twitter HQ and do it myself."

Celebs Tweet Support For Leslie Jones After She Was The Victim Of Racial Abuse

"I love you Twitter, but please get it together. Stand up for your users who deserve better."

A Beating At Bellevue, Then Months Of Silence

Patients get beaten. Their assailants walk free. New York’s special agency dedicated to preventing abuse has vast prosecutorial power – and hardly ever uses it.

Emotional Abuse Can Be Hard To Recognize

Just because it's not physical doesn't mean it's not abuse.

Why Amitabh Bachchan Thinks Everyone Should Quit Complaining About Twitter Trollage

"It's important to be abused, because no one is perfect."

New Photos Show Amber Heard With Other Injuries Allegedly Caused By Johnny Depp

New photos that show actress Amber Heard with a busted lip and bruising were purportedly taken after an alleged 2015 altercation with Johnny Depp.

Police Commissioner Says "Lessons Must Be Learnt" From Historical Sexual Abuse Exposé

Lincolnshire police has acknowledged the historical abuse case, first revealed by BuzzFeed News, would be handled differently now, and apologised to victims who felt justice had not been done.

Eddie Izzard Says He Suffered Barrage Of "Homophobic Abuse" At FA Cup Final

"I just thought it was actually rather positive, because only one guy was screaming homophobic abuse at me rather than 20."

I Fell For Someone Who Was Emotionally And Physically Abusive

"I always thought, how could this happen to someone like me?"

A Fashion Blogger Depicted Her Worst Memories Of Being Bullied In This Striking Photo Shoot

"No one can make you feel like garbage and nobody deserves to feel that way."

This Is What Happens When You Report Historical Sexual Abuse To The Police

Exclusive: In his first interview, a survivor called David reveals being groomed aged 15, being taken to dinners with MPs and then abused in the notorious Dolphin Square apartment block – and the long search for justice that followed.

This Ottawa Bus Driver Saw A Woman In Distress And Did The Best Possible Thing

A photo of the encounter is going viral on Facebook.

Here's What LGBT People Have To Say About Street Harassment

In light of new research on street harassment in Australia, BuzzFeed News spoke to four LGBT Australians about their experiences.

University Of Michigan “Disappointed” In Students Filmed Verbally Abusing Uber Driver

"You’re an Uber driver. Go fucking drive, you little fuck," a student was filmed saying. "Minimum wage faggot. Go fuck yourself."

I Tried To Murder My Tamagotchi And Here's What Happened

One is not born a villain; one is forced into villainhood after raising a digital pet.

People Are Outraged At This Video Showing Football Fans Abusing Romany Women

A representative for PSV Eindhoven told BuzzFeed News that the club's chair is "disgusted" by the fans' behavior.

This Is What Domestic Violence Is Like When You're LGBT

What happens when your same-sex partner controls, beats, or abuses you? BuzzFeed News spoke to survivors and the only national charity trying to help others like them.

I Was Sexually Abused By The Catholic Church

“We decided to keep it quiet because it was better that way.”

Kesha's Plea To Get Out Of Her Contract With Dr. Luke Is Denied By Judge

The singer contends that unless she is released from her exclusive contract with producer Dr. Luke, who she claims sexually and physically abused her for years, her career will soon be over.

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