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No One Cares

9 Things You Didn't Know You Wanted To Know About The Waste Land

"Hey I've got an idea for a hit poem called 'He Do the Police in Different Voices.'" - No one, ever

Ask A Dumb Cat: "My Boyfriend's Going To Propose And I Don't Want Him To"

Plus, how to negotiate V-Day when you've just started dating! “Ask A Dumb Cat” is a weekly column offering advice, consolation, and life lessons to real people from A Dumb Cat. Send your questions for A Dumb Cat to

This Is The Reason To End "Unboxing" Videos On YouTube

According to this guy, it's all about the packaging. So we can just stop doing this now, right?

Horsemaning Backlash!

In case you missed it, Horsemaning was a thing last week! Yay for things! But now, there's a backlash. Backlashes are fun too. Sometimes more fun than the actual thing - even though there are more words and fewer pictures. Let's have a look.

Facebook Rehab

How many of these symptoms do you suffer from? If you're a Facebook addict, the Center For Delusion can help. Just remember this one simple rule: NO. ONE. CARES.

The All-Encompassing 4/20 Memorial Collage

Today is kind of a big deal.

No One Cares About the No One Cares Tag

Buzzfeed made this page to showcase failed buzz (shit that no one cared about). Apparently, people stopped caring about not caring 9 months ago.

Not Another Dead Monster

The North Shore Sun received pictures of a dead creature that supposedly looked like the Montauk Monster. Three Long Islanders have testified to seeing the animal.

Gross Birthday Parties

Jessica Simpson celebrates Tony Romo's birthday by singing, flinging cake and posing for the cameras.

The Libertines Musical

Pete Doherty is reuniting with his former Libertines bandmate to write a musical for a well-known London theater.

Celebrity Memoirs

Tori Spelling and Eminem both announce they're at work on their memoirs.

Animal Birth Control Campaign

Just in time for the Westminster Dog Show, PETA launched a video campaign against the American Kennel Club, likening them to the Klu Klux Klan.

Pancake Day

Not only is Feb. 5 Super Fat Tuesday, it's also Pancake Day.

Green Rock Tours

Jose Gonzalez and Radiohead will make their next tours green.

Book Mules

Mobile libraries for those out-of-the-way spots.

Foot and Mouth Disease

British government confirms a second outbreak of this devastating animal disease.

Denial Of Service Attacks

We hate stupid hackers.

The Case of the Disappearing $12 Billion

$12 billion in shrink-wrapped $100 bills designated for the Iraq War goes missing.

Not Caring About New Orleans Again

Things were starting to look up...

Carl Sagan Blog-A-Thon

Bloggers are commemorating Carl Sagan on the 10th anniversary of his death.

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