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90s Nostalgia

Remember when Katie Holmes and Helen Mirren starred in a movie together?

A list for anyone who was woken up in the dead of a night by a talking Furby.

There are '90s pictures and then there are '90S PICTURES.

Back when phones were actually used to talk to people — I know, weird, right?

The era of neon everything and lots of informercials!

There was no greater feeling than getting a perfect graham cracker to frosting ratio whenever you ate a pack of Dunk-a-Roos.

Take me back, now!

Thirty years ago, Abdul’s debut album sparked her brief reign as the dancing, MTV-dominating princess of pop. Today, it’s worth another listen.


OK, more like half a mix tape. One side! Choose wisely.

Back when getting a birthday invite to DZ was like getting an invite to the Oscars.


How many of these 75 shows defined your childhood??

Does anyone know what the hell was the point of Bumble Ball?


You don't need your mom's permission for this.

Honestly, is there a way we could all just go back?!

For you. For me. Come crash into me.

Put on your Reebok Pumps and get ready to take a big trip down memory lane.


LBH, 1996–99 was an iconic time.

You couldn't take the tags off your Beanie Babies.


Was there a more incredible time to be kid? Nope.

Raise your hand if you ever took some of that pink medicine out of an alligator spoon.

The former child star is working harder than ever in the off-Broadway musical Baghdaddy.

And honestly, still want!!!

Your entire childhood in under 5 minutes.

Your childhood summed up.

LBH, you only used your pricey TI-83 just to play games.

It was one hell of a crazy year.


For anyone who knows that Cory and Topanga are still relationship goals.


It may leave you in a...dilemma.

Spoiler alert: Lots and lots of "OMG...WTF?!" moments ahead!

FYI, the right order is: Baby, Posh, Ginger, Scary, Sporty.

You'll definitely see "I-2-I" with a few of these...

If you don't know who JTT is, then you shouldn't click on this post!

So many posters.

Could you choose between the Spice Girls and JTT?!

BRB: I am going to time travel back to that pic!


*hops in time machine*

Though the obsession has never died, it's just ~evolved~.

It's a shame no one trades stickers any more.

Have you ever...


Were you more of a Drew Barrymore or a JoJo?

Smash Hits posters for life.


Gareth Gates was robbed.

"Mmm, it tastes like blue."

You smelled like grass. Literally.

Nothing like hearing the loud voice of Disney's "Coming Soon" guy to get you excited about the movie you were about to watch.


Can you identify the teams who played in these kits?


Everyone had a favourite.

Warning: Lots of dark lipstick and scrunchies ahead.

Your lunch box said a lot about your style back in the day.

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