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80s Nostalgia

70 Most Inspiring "Cosby Show" Outfits

The high-waisted pleated pants, the baggy crazy sweaters... Some of the most avant-garde fashion ever happened on The Cosby Show. Everyone on this show is my style icon, even Elton.

Wanna Feel Old?

A blog of random facs that will make you feel older than you actually are.

Coach Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur stars in a 1988 PSA with Pittsburgh Penguin Mario Lemieux, Toronto Blue Jay Tony Fernandez, and - forever the 80's PSA staple - a little girl in a wheelchair.

Vintage NYC Subway Sticker

Before Carrie Bradshaw and Gossip Girl, New York had its sh*t years, ridden with crime, bankruptcy, and violence. This vintage subway sticker, which warns commuters against the use of knives, guns, and bombs (!), brings to mind a simpler time when anyone with a vagina carried Mace, which - inevitably - had to be used it at least once.

Mario Room

Real life girls get inside the Mushroom Kingdom.

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