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Trump and the MAGA lifestyle seem to offer a safe haven to people — like Kanye — who pride themselves on being outsiders and are distrustful of establishment politics.

"It was as though he was saying, 'I wish I could go with you, I can't even go to the other floor,'" Lionel Lebron said of President Trump.

"What the fuck is wrong with boomers?"

“If you don't know any better and you already think there's something wrong with this community, you're going to see this as more reason why it shouldn't have rights.”

There’s an international pushback against the wave of women’s demands for equality. In Spain, that pushback has robbed a young woman of her anonymity.

Barr's claim on Friday that "Trump has freed so many children" from sex trafficking rings sounds very similar to the "QAnon" conspiracy theory she's previously tweeted about.

Thicc Pikachu is what peak performance looks like.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter always promise to do better. Why can't they?

It appears as though the far-right trolls weren't the ones really pulling the strings.

The list began traveling the dark corners of the internet around April as a scattered collection of names, addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts. It's now a massive organized database of thousands of people.

Introducing the adorable cartoon faces of German far-right extremism.

Turns out it's actually not that easy to hijack an election with memes.

Right-wing supporters are trying to learn from similar campaigns in France and the Netherlands.

"Wir werden heute den Meme-Krieg gegen die Köterrasse im Bundestag eröffnen"

The headline for this story is peak 2017.

The protest appears to have started with a story on a fake antifascist Facebook account that was actually set up to troll leftists.

The document appears to contain the biographical information of thousands of people who signed a public petition from April condemning the Trump administration. Update: The organizers of the original petition have released a statement.

TL;DR: No one on 4chan bothered to learn how to speak French.

Petit guide à l'attention des médias et du public français, par une Américaine qui veut tirer les leçons du hack des emails d'Hillary Clinton.

"This operation is obviously a democratic destabilization, like that which took place in the United States during the last presidential campaign," said Emmanuel Macron's campaign.

«Détruisons Macron à coup de mèmes.... Il faut qu'on empêche ce pervers de Macron de rendre l'Europe cocue.» ATTENTION: Cet article contient des images dérangeantes.

"Meme Macron out of existence... We need to stop this creep Macron from cucking up Europe." WARNING: This post contains graphic images.

A criminal complaint has been filed with Toronto Police by a woman who says nude photos were shared without her consent.

So you can identify them when you see them out there online.

The ultimate test of friendship.

Jim Watkins wants to make The Goldwater the pre-eminent news source for the trolls of 8chan.

This is really, really dumb and confusing.

"I've never had so many people tell me that they wanted to see me die." WARNING: This post contains graphic content.

This article contains offensive language and graphic images.

Welcome to "The Great Liberation Of France."

Trump supporters are spreading misinformation about a dossier that was released by BuzzFeed News Tuesday full of unverified allegations against President-elect Donald Trump.

Si vous voyez le nom de Sam Hyde remonter immédiatement après un attentat ou une fusillade, méfiez-vous.

"Facebook doesn’t want to challenge you, they don’t want to upset you, because they know that if you’re challenged on their platform, you wouldn’t want to use it as much."

It is not a great day for Trump's anonymous fanboys. WARNING: This post contains graphic language.

From "text to vote" scams to paper ballot schemes, one of the alt-right's nerve centers gets its voter suppression campaign in order.

The "lootcrew" trolls pop up on Twitter to make false and racist claims about looting.

Do not make this Bernie Sanders-themed "glowsticks" recipe — or any variant of it — if you see it!

"I love bringing people together."

The person who hacked the girl's account told BuzzFeed News he did it because he could. WARNING: This post contains graphic content.

The teen drug panic that was started by a prankster on a messageboard.

What could possibly go wrong?

Here we go agaaaaiiinnnnnn.

Moby played a DJ set, Monica Lewinsky turned up, and Pharrell recorded a special video message for Sean O'Brien, the "Dancing Man" who became the centre of an online manhunt.

Throw out all the books on your shelves because they're hot stinking garbage compared to these.

This is pretty weird and great.

Welcome to the first episode of BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer, a new and probably ill-advised podcast.


Thousands of people are trying to invite this guy to a dance party. UPDATE: Pharrell, Moby, and Andrew WK have all said they want to perform at Dancing Guy's party.

Christopher "Moot" Poole announced on Wednesday that he would be leaving the site to a team of volunteers.

If there's one thing the internet hates, it's when people don't tip well.

Anonymous groups from 4chan and 8chan appear to currently be organizing a large-scale attack on Tumblr users.

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