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Arrêtez tout : les GIFs en 3D existent et ils sont vraiment cool

L'utilisateur de Reddit CoolAsACucumber a réalisé ces GIFs en 3D. On ne sait pas trop comment cela fonctionne, mais on imagine que les lignes blanches jouent un rôle.

3D GIFs Are A Thing Now, And They're Really Quite Cool

Redditor CoolAsACucumber has collated these 3D effect GIFs. We're not totally sure how they work, but we'd guess that the white lines are made of magic.

These 3D Sketches Are Just Extraordinary

Dutch artist Ramon Bruin uses nothing but paper, pen, and cleverly positioned props, to create the illusion of depth. He calls the technique ‘anamorphosis’, but refuses to explain exactly how it's done.

Amazing Examples Of 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

Artist Julian Beever creates these drawings that seem to pop out when viewed from a certain angle.

The Magic Of Pina Bausch

Legendary choreographer Pina Bausch died unexpectedly only 2 days before filming of PINA was set to begin in 2009, but through their grief her dancers created this loving tribute to Pina's incredible life and work. The 3D film has quietly begun trickling into U.S. theaters with hopes for wider release in 2012.

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