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NASA's Amazing 'Blue Marble' Hi-Def Photo Of Earth

In January, NASA released what it called “the most amazing high definition image of Earth – Blue Marble 2012.” The image was taken aboard the Suomi NPP satellite and is a composite image made from a number of swaths of the Earth’s surface taken on January 4, 2012. I think I can see my house down there!

12 Noteworthy Works From Artists Around The Globe

Our art-loving friends at 20x200 have shared their February favorites with us and we're sharing them with you! From 1900s stop motion photography to portraits of workers in Kandahar, there's some inspiring work in here.

Matters Of The Art

Our friends at 20x200 have shared 11 of their favorite artists from January with us--just in time for Valentine's Day! There's some heart-warming prints in here, including We Are So Good Together by Dylan Fareed; which hanging in your home is the art equivalent of common law marriage.

Drawings For Three Rooms In Your Home

Artist Steve Lambert made some subtle, tasteful artwork to help you dress up any room in your home. Perfect for the kitchen, dining room, or even as a gift for your hosts when renting from Airbnb.

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