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2016 Presidential Election

13 Sticky Note Messages That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

"Don't be scared, you are not alone, I love you, New York loves you, and we will protect you." From Signs of Hope: Messages from Subway Therapy.

Hillary Clinton Is Writing A Tell-All Book About The 2016 Presidential Election

Clinton said she is "letting her guard down" in a new memoir titled What Happened.

Obama: “I’d Advise Mr. Trump To Stop Whining” About A Rigged Election

The US president responded to Donald Trump’s allegations of voter fraud during a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. “You start whining before the game’s even over?”

Donald Trump Is Not Happy With "SNL" Making Fun Of Him

"Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks!" the Republican presidential candidate posted on Twitter.

Trump Once Produced A Reality Show That Would Teach “Tramps” To Be Ladies

The companies involved with the unaired show didn’t immediately return requests from BuzzFeed News to see any outtakes, if any were shot. Demands for the release of The Apprentice outtakes have grown since Trump was caught on a hot mic discussing sexually assaulting women.

Federal Judge Extends Florida Voter Registration Deadline After Hurricane Matthew

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office will not appeal the decision.

Obama Gave Himself A "Sulfur Test" After A Trump Supporter Called Him A Demon

"I mean, c'mon, people!" he said during a North Carolina rally.

A Student Tweeted In 2013 That She Hoped Trump Would Run For President And Is So Sorry About It

“It's definitely not as funny as I thought it would be, actually rather scary,” Neethi Bangalore told BuzzFeed News.

Gov. Chris Christie Calls Trump’s Vulgar Comments “Completely Indefensible”

The New Jersey governor said that he would not defend the Republican presidential nominee’s comments but would continue to support him in the election.

Donald Trump Is Now So Toxic Even This Parody Twitter Account Can't Deal

“I don’t even know what I am doing with this stupid account anymore…” —fake Trump Twitter account.

Schwarzenegger: “I Will Not Vote For The Republican Candidate For President”

The actor and former governor of California has voted for Republican presidential candidates since he became a citizen in 1983.

Mike Pence Says He Cannot Condone Or Defend Trump’s Vulgar Comments

Trump's running mate released a statement after a video of the businessman making vulgar comments about women surfaced.

Joss Whedon Has Launched A Campaign To Get You To Vote — And Not For Trump

"It matters more than any single thing you're going to do in the next two years," the Avengers director and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator told BuzzFeed News. "It is a heroic and necessary act."

Chris Christie: Donald Trump Is Not Racist Despite "Judge Kerfuffle"

"The allegations that he is [racist] are absolutely contrary to every experience I've had with him over the past 14 years."

BuzzFeed Terminates Ad Deal With Republican Party Over Trump

Donald Trump is "directly opposed to the freedoms of our employees in the United States and around the world," CEO Jonah Peretti wrote.

More Than 450 Authors Have Signed A Petition Against Donald Trump

Signers of the open letter, which opposes Trump's candidacy, include famous writers like Stephen King, Amy Tan, Junot Díaz, Michael Chabon, and Dave Eggers.


Twitter Had A Lot Of Fun Imagining Jeb Bush In English Class

The former governor of Florida's controversial comments in his 1995 book sparked a hypothetical debate on Twitter.

11 Things Hillary Clinton Could Learn From David Cameron

He might be a conservative, but the prime minister's message and tactics could be better suited to the Democrats than the Republicans.

Martin O'Malley Makes New Friends, Keeps Old Ties In New Hampshire

The governor is spending a lot of time in the early primary state these days.

Jennifer Granholm To Join Obama Campaign Manager At Priorities USA

The former governor and Ready For Hillary surrogate is in talks to co-chair the board of Priorities USA with Jim Messina. Podesta's replacement.

Anna Wintour Endorses Hillary Clinton, Almost Endorses Pantsuits

Wintour spoke at the opening of an Oscar de la Renta exhibition in Little Rock, Arkansas last night. Of de la Renta-fangirl Hillary, also in attendance, she remarked, “It’s anyone’s guess what the next chapter will be for this extraordinary woman. I can only hope that all of you here will be celebrating her come November 2016.” Hillary later sent Anna a text saying "thx boo, much luv xx."

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