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2012 Election


Support Your Favorite Presidential Candidate By Smelling Funny

Spa company Bliss recently launched their Eau-lection line: body lotions inspired by presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. This actually exists.


The Top Donors To Your State's Members Of Congress

Based on bundled campaign contribution data from the Center for Responsive Politics, EMILY's List beats out Goldman Sachs in nationwide congressional contributions. Check this interactive map from the Wesleyan Media Project to find the top donors in your state.


Canada Wants To Run For U.S. President

Brian M. Calvert of Vancouver endorses his own country to run ours. But before you get all knee-jerk about it, just listen to what he has to say.

Tim Pawlenty Drops Out Of 2012 Election

After finishing third in yesterday's Iowa Straw Poll behind Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, the former Minnesota governor decided to call it quits. "Obviously the pathway forward for me doesn't really exist so we are going to end the campaign," he said. "I thought I would have made a great president." (via.)

Republican Official Website Claims Obama Will Win Second Term

Until someone notices the apparent typo, is claiming at the very top of their website that Obama's last day in office will be in 2017 or the end of a second term. Maybe they've really just given up faith on Bachman and Romney though?

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