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    13 Delicious Ethiopian Recipes That Deliver On Flavor

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    There's no denying that Ethiopian food is delicious — from slow-simmered doro wat, to veggie-filled sambusas, to goes-with-everything injera. 🇪🇹

    Many classic dishes can be made at home with just a little time and effort. And if you haven't tried Ethiopian food yet, know that there's something for everyone. The cuisine is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, as many of the staple ingredients — like vegetables, lentils, and plenty of spices and herbs — are accessible to all.

    Here are 13 recipes to get you started!

    1. Injera

    This spongy and tangy flatbread can be found alongside a variety of savory dishes in Ethiopian cuisine and is fantastic for sopping up extra sauce.

    Recipe: Injera

    2. Doro Wat

    This rich chicken stew featuring hard-boiled eggs is great if you're looking to make dinner ahead of time. It also pairs nicely with injera!

    Recipe: Doro Wat

    3. Marcus Samuelsson's Tibs

    Aromatics like rosemary and cumin brighten up cubed beef tenderloin in this recipe from award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson.

    Recipe: Tibs

    4. Shiro

    Shiro is a great recipe to try if you're looking for a hearty stew that's also vegetarian. This dish is built around chickpea flour and boosted with chilies.

    Recipe: Shiro

    5. Gomen

    Gomen is a quick and easy way to get your greens on your plate and to cut through the richness of a main dish. Either collard greens or kale will work for this recipe.

    Recipe: Gomen

    6. Spiced Lentil Sambusas

    Sambusas are a tasty snack that can either be fried or baked and filled with just about anything. This lentil-stuffed version is great if you're looking for a vegetarian version to whip up.

    Recipe: Spiced Lentil Sambusas

    7. Kitfo

    Kitfo is a traditional dish that's similar to beef tartare. Served up with injera, it can be eaten as an appetizer.

    Recipe: Kitfo

    8. Quant'a Firfir

    This meal of dried beef and injera is typically eaten for breakfast in Ethiopia. Check out this version featured on the blog My African Food Map.

    Recipe: Quant's Firfir

    9. Kai Wot

    This recipe is similar to doro wat but uses beef instead of chicken. It doesn't hold back on the heat, so this is great if you're a spice lover.

    Recipe: Kai Wot

    10. Misr Wot

    Check out this dish if you're looking for a new way to cook the lentils you've stocked up on. One great selling point for this recipe is that it only calls for a few ingredients!

    Recipe: Misr Wot

    11. Ethiopian Spiced Clarified Butter

    This clarified butter, known as niter kibbeh, is used in several Ethiopian dishes to add richness. It's relatively easy to whip up in your kitchen if you can't find a store near you that sells it, and it only takes about 25 minutes!

    Recipe: Ethiopian Spiced Clarified Butter

    12. Alecha Wat

    Turmeric and butter help boost cabbage and potatoes to make this tasty side dish.

    Recipe: Alecha Wat

    13. Siga Tibs and Ethiopian Salad / Via

    A refreshing Ethiopian salad with a little bit of spice plus injera are two great accompaniments for this beef centerpiece.

    Recipe: Siga Tibs and Ethiopian Salad