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    • Tacos4daze

      I know I’m not going to change any minds but as a Chicago native that lived in Austin 5 years, and briefly (6 months) lived in San Antonio, I’m going to completely disagree with your sentiments. When in San Antonio, I fully felt like I was in Texas (this is not a good thing); probably due to the large military presence. Austin is significantly cooler than San Antonio, that’s why it’s common to run into people from SF, NYC, or (like me) Chicago. Last I heard some 150+ people move to Austin EACH day. Let’s not group all of them as “hipsters”. And let’s not pretend that these other Texas cities are offering up the same experience as Austin, because they aren’t. There are awesome things about each city in Texas (you guys are too proud), just let Austin be Austin and San Antonio be San Antonio.

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