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The Most Significant Moments In Taco Bell History

These are the cheese-filled, sauce-smothered, sugar-cinnamon-dusted moments that shook us to our core. May there be many more to come...

Taco Bell holds a v special place in our hearts. Like...a VERY special place.

But Taco Bell as we know it did not come into this world fully formed, Athena-esque, in all its current splendor. Here are some of the product releases that defined its evolution and satisfied our most exquisite yearnings.

When they first opened in 1962, they already had one of our favorite sauces (Taco Bell isn't really Taco Bell without it):

If someone ever breaks into my house they will be really happy or extremely disappointed, by a full drawer of Taco Bell Fire Sauce.

Sure, it was originally intended to go on hot dogs, but if it led us to the vast array of sauces we have today, we're not judging. #diabloforever

As we entered the '90s, Taco Bell got a makeover. No more browns and reds, just the purples and pinks that are still making it look fresh AF today.

Anyone remember the old brown Taco Bell signs before they were purple?

All the kids were probably beeping (beepering?) each other about the phat (fly?) new look. Probably.

The '90s also meant Gorditas. Warm, pillowy, soft-shelled Gorditas.

had a dream I got a job at Taco Bell. I was excited at first but then I got fired because I ate too many gorditas. goals af or?

This happened in 1998. More like 199GREAT, amirite???

Next, the Chalupa emerged on the scene in 1999. If the world ended with Y2K, at least we could all say we'd had the Chalupa.

Had a nightmare that I came back to America went to Taco Bell for a chalupa and they didn't have any chalupa shells!

Frying the soft, chewy shell to make this flawless taco of the future was arguably the greatest innovation of the 20th century tbh.

In 2004, a frigid wave of seafoam-green glory enveloped us: the Baja Blast.

Taco Bell. Baja Blast. Forever. ❤

Followed by the worship-worthy Frozen Baja Blast in 2012.

To the guy at Taco Bell who hooked it up with a free baja blast. Not all heroes wear capes✊🏼

Our tongues are green. Our brains are frozen. It is worth it.

A year later, the Crunchwrap Supreme erupted into our lives. This item didn't discriminate — it had EVERYTHING in it.

Tonight I had 7 dollars in my bank account for deodorant. I just spent that money on a Crunchwrap Supreme and two Doritos locos tacos.

Soft shell? DONE.

Hard shell? YEP.

Sour cream? SURE.

Cheese? ALWAYS.

Meaty goodness? MMHHMMM.


But how were we supposed to eat all of this amazingness in one day? 2006 had the answer: Fourthmeal.

Most impressive human accomplishments in order: 1. Landed on moon 2. Egyptian pyramids 3. Taco Bell's 4th meal

Word, Karlton. WORD.

Nothing would ever be the same again after 2012, the year of the Doritos Locos Taco.

What if Taco Bell had spicy sweet chili Doritos locos tacos

After eating a shell coated in cheese dust, you'd never look at a regular shell the same way again. It set our imaginations free.

The 2013 shipping fantasy between Cinnabon and Taco Bell brought us Cinnabon Delights.

Thx for the ideal #birthday breakfast of #cinnabondelights @chamberlainwill! You know me too well. #tacobellforever

Hot, sweet, and firm on the outside, and soft and gooey on the inside. These became the new standard against which all other desserts were measured — from hereafter you couldn't eat an expensive dessert without secretly wishing you were at the drive-thru instead.

2013 had a second truly historic release: the Grilled Stuft Nacho. It melted into our hands and our hearts:

When u call ur boyfriend bcus the grilled stufft nacho is back at TBell and he doesn't think it's important 😣😭😳

You never really get over your great loves. Especially when they're full of perfect, crunchy surprises.

Just in case lunch, dinner, and Fourthmeal weren't enough for you, 2014 was the year your prayers were answered: TACO. BELL. BREAKFAST.

I just want some Taco Bell breakfast, that's all.

Early birds get Biscuit Tacos, hash browns inside tortillas, bacon, and cheesy eggs. We officially just became morning people.

Inspiring road trips, moves, and delighting all who are near them, the first Taco Bell Cantinas opened in 2015 — Taco Bells that serve alcohol. Good.

I turn 21 at midnight & all I wanna do is go get a tequila slushie from the Taco Bell that serves alcohol. Someone make my dreams come true.

How far do we live from Chicago...?

And did we mention that delivery started becoming available late last year too? Because IT DID.

should i order taco bell delivery today while my girlfriend is out yes or yes

The dream became real. We have barely left our houses since and not having to buy real clothes anymore freed up more $$ for more tacos. #blessed

We are so ready for whatever is next.

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Taco Bell

Crunchwraps with a Cool Ranch crunch layer? Chocolate delights? Hologram space tacos? Whatever magical creation lies in store, we will be lucky to have it in our lives.